A Word to Las Vegas

Chad Taylor Feb. 6th, 2000

I hear the Lord say to Las Vegas...

For in this hour a destiny is arising.  A destiny and a purpose that was
prophesied decades ago.  For many prophets have I sent through your city and
streets, through the generations they have foretold of these days that are
now upon you Las Vegas.  From you will come a pure gold, gold tried in the
fire of adversity and tribulation, but it will shine throughout the land as
an sign to the coming days.  As a pillar of fire by night shall it be.

For a school of ministry will be established in your gates, a place of
training and equipping.  You will be an Antioch in these days says the Lord.
An Antioch says the Lord.  A place of adversity, and a place of training.
They will come from all corners of the nation and world to receive this last
days impartation.  For in you will be a Philip and a Daniel anointing.  To
invade the darkness with My power,  and to interpret the signs and the
times.  An oil of wisdom will be seen upon you Church of Las Vegas.

You will be a mecca of salvation.  Many that shine in the world will be
touched by this anointing and shine for Me.  They will offer their lives and
their living to My kingdom and plans.  Many faces you will see from
Hollywood and the sports arena turn to the Most High God in your midst.  I
will perform great exploits in your borders in the coming days says the
Lord.  Watch and see, I will do great and mighty things which you do not

I will give you the wisdom to take a city.  Like Joshua at Jericho, I will
give you the strategy to overcome the opposition and set up the walls of
praise and intercession.  An Antioch shall rise from the shadows of Sodom.

Great gatherings shall be staged within your borders.  The apostolic and
the prophetic shall be established like never before.  Prophetic evangelists
shall be sent from you Las Vegas like they were from Jerusalem on the day of
Pentecost.  The fire of My presence shall be seen over you in the coming

Your children shall know the Spirit of Liberty.  I will awaken the hearts of
your children and they shall march from the Churches to the  schools with
power and glory.  A great wave of My glory will now crash down on the shores
of your schools and streets.  The gangs and the addicts will bow at the feet
of the Master and say out loud, "What must I do to be saved?"

Watch and see in this year the vision and the strategy I will pour out upon
you O Las Vegas!  For My angel is poised over you now, a legion and a legion
of angels are poised over you.  For I would say to you, "Fear not, for they
that be with us are more than they that be with them..." (2nd Kings

"The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, they that dwell
in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the light shined..."
(Isaiah 9:2)

Chad Taylor