by Chad Taylor

I heard the Lord say that today as I was writing this brief report to those that have been following our footsteps for these many years, "VOLATILE TIMES PRODUCE VOLATILE VISIONS". I have a feeling that those that have been standing with us in prayer and so many other outward expressions of support are somehow related to the times and changes we are personally facing now. The word "volatile" according to Webster's means "Tending to violence; explosive" no doubt that is what is facing us as we enter 2006.

Not only in the natural will this be more evident now than ever before but in the spiritual as well. In my book published last summer there is a chapter titled, "Violence for the Vision." This will take on new meaning as God calls us to a intense time of passion and struggle that will cause us to take action to see our visions come to fruition this year. Like when Moses was born in Egypt great violence and contention erupted all around his birth. When Jesus was born on the fateful evening explosive violence and political and religious unrest abounded.

No doubt your vision as it comes forth this year will cause great disruption and violence as well and you will be called to stand firm despite the appearance of unpredictability and instability raging around you. The headlines in every major newspaper and television will be a result of the divine vision in God's people coming into maturation and reality. Those that will endure this struggle of spiritual kingdoms will inherit the earth. They will secure and apprehend billions of dollars and every other item necessary to cast His Kingdom to the uttermost parts of the earth. O warrior and visionary take hold of the cleft of faith that you might find yourself standing on now as the fire, wind and quaking changes everything around you; you will reap if you faint not. You will no doubt inherit the nations if you faint not.