By Chad Taylor

"Let them give glory to the Lord and declare His praise in the Islands.  The
Lord shall go forth as a mighty man, He shall stir up jealousy like a man of
war: He shall cry, yes, ROAR.  He shall prevail against His enemies..."
(IS. 4212-13).

I am coming to judge and make war over the Islands of the earth says the
Lord.  For too long has the enemy said, "Aha, Aha, the Islands are for my
possession."  Now I will vindicate, now I will reconcile and restore what
the locusts have devoured.  The piracy of the enemy will be removed from
you.  The spoil will be returned and the royalty restored says the Lord.  I
will give back to you for I have seen your charity and your compassion.  A
place of refuge from the storm.  To the stranger an open door.  I will say
to the enemy of your children "NO MORE!"  I will fight for you and I will
defend your inheritance from the wolves and the spirit of tyranny and
piracy.  This curse is broken and this yoke removed.


A bridge of economic stability will be created between these Islands.  I
will create a spiritual "jet-stream" between them that will carry My
presence and power from one to another and then back again.  An end- time
alliance will be secured that will withstand the persecution and wars that
will break out to the East and to the South.  I will preserve them with the
words of My mouth.  I will shout over their enemies and the ancient walls
will come down.  The illegal ties with Britain will break over the Bahamas.
Unholy and unrighteous motives will be exposed and cast down.  I will be
seen in Andros and the children will know that I am the Lord.  A spiritual
revolution will begin in Andros.  In their steeped temples and squares I
will draw near.  I will show Myself strong for those hearts that are Mine.
O Islands, now is your time!


I am creating a spiritual beachhead of apostolic and prophetic authority in
the Bahamas.  I will establish with a sure foundation the doctrine of the
apostles and prophets in this hour.  A spirit of hospitality and favor shall
greet them and a harvest will be given.  A hi-way of ministry will flow
through these Islands.  Massive mission bases will be established and
flourish.  Millions will come through the heart of the Bahamas to go into
the utter-most parts of the earth.  A great door of outreach will be open
and millions will be set free.  From every Island I will be seen and the
earth will know it is Me in you.  They will flow to you as the water flows
to your shores.  I will show you the greater and the more.  World events
will be staged in your capitol cities.  And I will be glorified.


The Jew will find a home in you.  The Islands of the earth will be a refuge
in future dearth and persecution for My people Israel.  They will flee to
your shores and for a season be secure from the storm.  For this your people
will prosper unprecedented.  A prophet's reward will be upon you O Islands
of the earth.  If you will give place to this race I will anoint your face
with oil.  I will return the spoil of your forefathers that was taken.  I
will open knew avenues of communication that will revolutionize segments of
technology.  From the Islands will come a wave of technology that will shape
the future cultures for My Kingdom.  A creative oil will be upon you that
will bring you before kings for Me.  From this technology I will set the
captives free.  Watch and see!  Watch and see O Islands, watch and see!


I declare a victory over you O Islands of the earth.  O Hawaii, one heavy
with child.  I will take you the extra mile and you will see your destiny
and My glory.  Don't hesitate in this your greatest hour.  My son Tonga, My
daughter Samoa, in you is a crown of glory.  Now will it be placed upon on
you and the shame of your youth will be no more.  I have declared a liberty
says the Lord.  A great battle is raging over the Islands, this will be seen
through the eyes of unusual and startling circumstances, but do not fear,
the Lord is near!  Power, love and sound mind will be granted and My Kingdom
planted and the gates of hell will not prevail.  For you have set your heart
against the gale of the enemy and you will not stumble or fall.  The battle
has begun O Islands but you have won!  Stand and see the deliverance of the


Chad Taylor - www.consumingfire.com