Word for the Watchman

Prophetic Word given 1/5/99 at the International Church by Chad Taylor

I just have a prophetic word of wisdom. I’m just hearing from the Holy Spirit. Jesus Mighty Name. I just hear the voice of the Lord saying that it is by no coincidence that I have put an Anointing on you for the youth. It is by no coincidence that in years past that I’ve put an Anointing and a power and authority that drew the youth like a magnet.

And I say to you this hour, this year 1999, there is a sword that the enemy has risen against the youth. It is a sword that he has lifted against the youth. There’s plots and ploys and plundering that he desires to do to the youth of this country. For he is jealous, and he sees that there is a deliverer in this generation. For he sees that there is a deliverance. He has recognized it from years past, a deliverance in this generation, and this youth. And I have set you as watchmen on the city, says the Lord. And have not I told you that if the sword comes upon a land, that you would cry out? That you would war? That you would stand in the gap as the hedge between heaven and those people?

And I have set you as a watchman in this city to watch and to see. And I say to you this hour that there is a sword. Even as the days of Moses, there was a sword against that deliverer, and I give you wisdom tonight says the Lord. I give you wisdom where to put those children…..Bundle them up and put them in the River, says the Lord. Listen to the word of wisdom this night, says the Lord, for I have poured out a River. I have opened the floodgates. I’ve poured out a River into this place and in many other places to bring the children in, for the place of shelter.

And the place of safety from that sword, from that sword of murder, will be the River, Will be the River. It will carry them. It will carry them to My bosom and to My heart, and nothing will snatch them from that place, says the Lord. So I tell you now, that there is an Anointing coming upon you this year, says the Lord. An Anointing, an Anointing to invade the kingdom of darkness, to invade the streets and the alleys and the schools and the highways and the byways and the hedges of the city and bring the children, and bring them to my heart. Suffer them to come unto Me in this hour, says the Lord.

Go! Go! And as you go, preach, for the kingdom of God is at hand. Raise the dead! Cast out demons! Freely you have received, now freely give. Even as in years past you have been marked by the receiving, now, you will be marked by the giving says the Lord. And even as the widow gave the oil and her oil was filled, that is how the oil shall be filled in your container, says the Lord…It’s as you give…It’s as you give that I will pour in.

And the sword has been lifted up, and I see it, and now I say for you to see it and rise up, for no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Stand in the gap … Stand in the gap even as I stood in the gap and took the wound for them and took the wound for you. Stand in the Gap, says the Lord. Go! Go! For millions are at stake in this hour. Millions are at stake in this hour, and I’ve given you the Anointing, the power this hour to bring deliverance. To bring restoration. And bring them and bundle them up. Bundle them up in my love, and bring them to the River, and put them in the River, and the River will carry them to my heart, and nothing shall touch them. Go, says the Lord. Go in this hour in Jesus Mighty Name.

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor (1/5/99)


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