Weekly Gatherings @ The Father's House Stockton, CA.

To Invite Chad to your area church in California please click HERE (Chad is open to travel Saturday-Thursday)

"There was an atmosphere of corporate worship for over an hour and Chad began to speak about the Russian (Rushing) Might Wind that was coming to Russia -- and the worship rose and then the singers were on the ground with their microphones on the ground; the pianist was not playing, and the only instrumentalists were our drums and base. Suddenly I began to hear a heavenly voice -- an angelic voice in surround-sound dimension. I glanced at our worship singer and she looked up with amazement and mouthed "who's voice is that?"  www.tfhstockton.org

We are continuing to meet beginning Friday July 27th weekly at The Father's House in Stockton CA.  For directions and breaking news please visit HERE Chad Taylor & others will be ministering during these special events accompanied by LIVE worship w/ prophetic declaration and proclamation for California, America and the Nations of the world.  Come be a part of the future as we change the present! 

For more info. email tfh@thefathershousestockton.org