Chad Taylor
Mar 7, 2007

The last two months have really been groundbreaking from the prophetic words that the Lord has had me communicate that have literally shot around the world multiple times and the benchmark meetings we have recently experienced in the Atlanta area that have broken ground for revival for years to come.  On the other hand when you get into the middle of the torrential rains of the revival spirit you are often not aware of the most practical necessities such as utility bills and vehicle payments!  Can you see what I am saying?  When you are taking 2/3's of the church to the hardest hit area of the region and experiencing an outpouring of revival who's thinking about the phone and internet bill?!  The phone company of course...
We again need your prayers for the frontlines.  January took us by surprise as we yoked together with an established church in the south Atlanta area and saw the fruition of years of ministry to this region finally come to maturation.  My first visit to the Atlanta area was in 2001 and 2002.  Now in 2007 it is unbelievable to see more than half of those in attendance exit the meeting and stream into what one ambulance EMT stated, "the most dangerous and avoided area of the city".  When we will come to the practical conclusion that ALL of our meetings should have an "exit" into the city to "freely give what we freely receive"?  What made the upper-room in Acts chapter 2 historical was not what they did inside it but what happened outside of it.  This same standard applies to our meetings and gatherings today - it's not what happens in the meetings that will have any substantial lasting impact but what happens as we exit it.  This particular church we visited in south Atlanta is literally moving forward on leasing an apartment in the middle of this notorious housing project to launch a 24/7 church and outreach. Now that is church planting friend! 
Thus we are in need of some practical "outreach" as a ministry to sustain the most basic of necessities on the home front.  With a newborn baby in tow it's been an interesting and rewarding challenge to say the least.  Without the committed help of friends and family in the Atlanta area we could have never been away from home for days at a time this last month as the Lord broke the fallow ground and raised up a revival standard in the streets.  And we could have never moved forward as we ought to without your tenacious giving and willingness to step out in faith with us to see His beloved harvest reaped and secure.  We are two hands reaching out to the same plow.  We are here and you are there- but we are accomplishing the same task: The gospel preached to the poor.  Please consider how you can help today to help us maintain this momentum here at home and in the Atlanta area as we "water and plant" and the "Lord brings the increase".  I will include a report from our liaison in the region Howard Jones as well below that chronicles what we just experienced there and continue to strive for.  See the link directly below to help us right now fulfill our natural obligations as we achieve the spiritual ones too.  AMEN!
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You know we really have lost the vocabulary to talk about God or the things of GOD. The words which once were reserved for Him have been used so often about so many different things; they have lost their uniqueness, their special-ness, and they have become common place and mundane. It is as if the Lord will have to give us a whole new vocabulary and words that are reserved for Him Alone! I want to try to describe what all God did in three different cities in four different venues; but I know that words will not adequately describe all that happened. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me to write this and give JESUS alone all the glory, honor and praise which HE deserves.

Saturday evening in Sharpsburg was PROFOUND, even-though or maybe because it began in such an unusual way. The Worship Team led by Odom Garrett on the guitar brought everyone into unity in Praising the Lord, but something had happened to Chad while driving down I-85 from Atlanta. He had gotten caught in traffic and ending up being an hour late. Everyone was getting antsy wondering; “where is the speaker?” We did not realize it at the time, but God was creating tension in the atmosphere. Don’t you know that you have to “String a Bow” before you can shoot an arrow? Chad showed up and called the musicians forward again and told how God has to stretch people beyond their comfort zones to accomplish His Purposes.

They entered into prophetic Worship with Chad following the lead of the Holy Spirit. And then the Spirit fell upon Chad and he began to sing the Song of the Lord making many Prophetic Declarations and Proclamations. It was profound. I am going to try to write down a few of the things which he said. First, he prophesied that "The next six months are a time of great grace to the Church. If the Church will arise and show the Father’s Heart to the Lost, and come outside the four walls of Religion then God will extend mercy upon America; He will quench the fuse which has been lit by North Korea and Iran with Weapons of Mass Destruction. He said that the next six months will determine what happens in next year’s election. It is crucial for the Church to extend Mercy and Grace to the Lost, the Prodigals on the Streets, and then God will postpone the judgment we as a nation are due. It was profound! The Song of the Lord was incredible, and yet it was a Sovereign Warning that the fuse had been lit! It will detonate, unless God intervenes!"

After the Service, around 10:30 p.m. he said he was going to take a group Street Witnessing and asked how many people would like to go? Approximately 2/3 of the people in attendance said yes! So then, Chad said that I believe God would have us do a two-pronged attack. By that I mean, he asked for Intercessors, who would be willing to pray for an hour at the Church while the rest of the team went to a Housing Project to Witness to the people. So, a group of Prayer Warriors stayed at the Church and covered the Team with Prayer. God was on the Move!!

With in 45 seconds of us arriving at the Housing Project we were witnessing to someone. Chad then broke the group into five or six different teams and sent us to different sections of the Housing Project. My team of four got to minister to three or four different people with in the first 40 minutes of our assignment. Another team got to minister family reconciliation to a woman who was going through a bitter divorce. They were able to encourage her greatly. Several teams had people get saved. And then a really amazing thing happened, the team came across a woman who was all stressed out. She was expecting to be evicted from her apartment because she did not have enough money to pay her rent. Well, after praying for the tenant, the team was compelled by the Lord to take up an offering for her to pay her rent. Well, they raised 200 dollars and went and paid off the balance of her rent! God’s Church was becoming the CHURCH! It was meeting the needs of the hurting, the broken, the needy, and those who are wanting.

It was so refreshing to me to see the Church arise to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, and spontaneously follow his lead. Sunday morning, the Church was packed with people and a number of visitors had come to hear Chad speak. The Worship was very powerful and refreshing. They led us right into the presence of God. And then there were a number of testimonies about what God did on Saturday at the Outreach to the Housing Projects. And then Micah Usry came and told us how God had moved so powerfully the other day in Milledgeville. Another man came and told about how God moved him to Newnan from Florida in the last 36 hours and the chain of events which brought him here. It was just amazing to see God’s Faithfulness to his sons and daughters. Each of these testimonies help build our faith for that which was to come. And then Chad came forward and began to built upon the messages from yesterday morning, Saturday night, and the Outreach. He then challenged the whole church as to the cost of Revival. What are they willing to do to bring a Move of God to Coweta County? Then the Holy Spirit prompted Chad to tell the Church to rent an apartment in the Housing Project and set up a 24 hour house of Prayer and Worship in the Projects. Where people will do daily Outreaches! It would be like establishing a “beach-head” for the “Army of the Lord.”

The Spirit of GOD fell on Pastor Tom Rowe and his leadership team. Pastor Tom stood up and said we are going to do this! His administrator Stan Martin said we will pass a paper right now and ask for Volunteers to do Outreaches for each day of the week. GOD was mobilizing this Church. I was AMAZED! I was in AWE of how GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT sovereignly touched each of these hearts and compelled them to action. My heart is racing with excitement. GOD is on the MOVE!! HE will take Newnan, GA and Coweta County Project by Project; house by house; if HE has too! There will be no-one in Coweta County who is not touched by the power and the presence of the Almighty God, through Jesus Mighty Name, amen and so be it

Howard Jones III


Resurrected for a Revolution!!


"Your book is a timely tool in a world on the brink of destruction and without any hope. Your words are an inspiration for me to continue to labor for the Master from the dawn to setting sun. Thanks for making the time to challenge all of us on the front lines to go a step farther behind enemy lines to reach the lost at any cost. 'NO greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for another'. Great book." - Pastor Phil Aguilar founder of Set Free World Wide Ministries and pioneer of the Los Angeles Dream Center.


''Why Revival Still Tarries' is a timely message for the church. The harvest fields are waiting. Souls are desperately crying out for answers in days of turmoil and darkness. The church has the keys to open the doors of destiny for them, but...we must go...we cannot remain in our comfort zones within the confines of our church buildings and programs! 'Why Revival Still Tarries' will provoke you...to go!" - Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic Ministries
"The book 'Why Revival Still Tarries' is anchored in the Word of God but given to us by a man of God Chad Taylor who 'is' in the harvest fields today ministering Jesus to a lost and needy world. This blend makes for a powerful, life changing book. As Chad points to Jesus and the fields ripe to harvest you will be blessed, empowered and I pray baptized with Fire to reach this world for Christ. I encourage you to read this book now!" - Arthur Blessitt (The man who carries the cross around the world...)
"Chad has captured God's passionate heart for the lost in this book. Follow him from the pages of the Bible out into the streets of your own hometown and become the living "letter. . ., known and read by all men" to those around you. This book will inspire you to become creative in your proclamation of the good news so that God's banqueting table will be full. Its harvest time!" - Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Founding Pastors, New Life Church, Kelowna, BC, Founders: Praying the Bible International and Revival Now! Ministries

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Chad Taylor
Sep 13 2006 03:12AM


It's hard to put into words what happened in Albuquerque, NM during the "GAP" conference at the Albuquerque Convention Center in August.  First of all I want top thank Pastor's Wyatt and Claudia Moore and the rest of the amazing team for their outstanding service to the Church abroad and for one of the best conferences I have ever participated in.   Thursday was a definitive moment when Bob Jones and Larry Randolph gave us all a glimpse into the future with contemporary revelation and prophetic words.  Friday afternoon I was scheduled to speak and what followed was unexpected to say the least as dozens of people assembled outside of the conference to heed the CRY OF HARVEST and take the prophetic word to the streets.  What transpired next is nothing less than a miracle.


As the day closed and we prepared for the evening service with Francis Frangipane the normal prophetic landscape was noticeably changed as numerous homeless people began to converge on the conference from the streets of the city.  The nominal fee was waived as individuals from the streets salted the audience and could be seen everywhere.  The reports that were beginning to come in form the teams that had been sent out were overwhelming.  One group testified of 6 street people spontaneously speaking in tongues and 3 others that were saved.  Report after report kept streaming in and what had begun as a simple outreach quickly exploded into visible signs of revival.  Saturday continued in the same vein as even more homeless men poured into every session - morning, afternoon and night.  By the end of the weekend 3 homeless men were adopted into out-of-state homes and many others were reported to have been introduced into local churches and families.  One banker that attended the conference testified how the homeless men had taken their team to a "homeless camp" where they emptied their Yukon of food. The homeless became the evangelists!  Even other's that had been doing street ministry in the city for nearly a year stated that they had never experienced such an open Heaven and overwhelming response from the people.  The streets of Albuquerque were on fire!


By the last session Sunday night the atmosphere was altered.  One person summed it up when they said, "The anointing deferred to harvest..."  In the Bible you see the same precedence; remember when the huge crowd was following Jesus and the blind man cried out to Him?  The masses shunned and rebuked him but Jesus "deferred to harvest" and stopped for that one man.  The "one" always hinged upon many more and often entire cities and regions were impacted from that single salvation.  I saw a new standard being set for our current prophetic meetings and conferences this last 3 months.  It is imperative that we heed the "cry of harvest" that is only minutes outside any of our venues and allow a free flow of power and impartation to occur.  First of all we have to implement this into our conferences and the speakers and leaders need to be willing to go out as well.  At the "GAP" conference they did just that and it was phenomenal.  Reports continue to come in weeks later as teams are still experiencing an open Heaven downtown Albuquerque on Central Street.  We are scheduled to return to Albuquerque at the World Wide Outreach Center tentatively October 20-22nd.


Detroit was just as memorable as the Lord set the pace from the very first night last Thursday Sept. 7th.  Warfare and intense prophetic intercession was the prerequisite as a dance team from Canada set the pace with choreographed dance and banners.  By Saturday afternoon a intense revival prayer and vocal repentance was heard as the people from the pastor to the teens confessed indifference to the lost and their lack of boldness.  Immediately following prayer two groups converged on a hard area of East Detroit.  What ensued was incredible.  God seemed to mark one particular street corner as people started coming off their porches, out of houses and stopping traffic in the pouring rain.  Numerous people were reported saved and filled with joy and began dancing and worshiping on the sidewalk.  This overflowed into that nightly services and some of the fruit remained with us Sunday morning in attendance.  The army was truly "redeployed" in Detroit as the fallow religious ground was broken up.  We will be returning to Detroit and to New Creation in Christ Church with pastor's Keenann and Danielle Knox and Dr. Sue Curran.  Please watch for updates. 


I was thinking recently of a seeming phenomena here at our home base and ministry.  Currently approximately 90% of any consistent month to month financial support comes from outside the USA.  It's not a large amount but it pays some of the basic necessities such as transportation and other smaller needs.  Outside of my itinerate travel the support from my own country is minimal to say the least.  I have wondered and prayed about this many times and recently the Lord gave me part of the answer:  "The message of revival does not have a mass appeal in the United States as it does overseas and in other countries..."  The American gospel and our conditioned response to it is to more "mainline" ministries that usually offer us "tapes of the month" and other residual resources.  In other words we want something tangible in return for our giving.  This is even underlined by our "non-profit" status and the tax cuts it can often affords us.  Outreach and the message of revival can often go unseen and produce great harvest later.  We need to invest in the "invisible" or eternal things rather than something that may give us a quick refund. 

I believe other revival and outreach geared ministries are experiencing the same struggle as we are.  The challenge that revival often presents can distance us from those that would usually be a valid support to long standing ministries such as ours.  We on the other hand accept the mandate of the Lord to be an advocate for the harvest and know He will supply every need.  But, the end result is that we often do not have a enough to complete the outreaches and projects or they are delayed because of the lack of funds.  Some will surmise that if it's the Lord's won't He provide?  Not always, many things are His will but we refuse to make them a priority and it goes undone.  It's not "His will that any man perish" but they still do by the millions every day.  My prayer is that someday very soon the American church will grasp the great value of a soul and "esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake" (1 Thess 5:13) and we will see ministries such as Consuming Fire and so many OTHERS around this nation as indispensable.  Then we will see millions in our own country saved and set free and raised up as great missionaries to advance into other nations with a new fresh fire of revival.  Let the homeless men in the story from Albuquerque be an inspiration to us that an army is waiting to be called from the streets country ready and willing to win this world for Jesus.  Until then, please pray for our daily needs as we continue to stand fast and follow the will of the Father for us:

"But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry..."  (2 Tim 4:5).

Chad Taylor:
www.consumingfire.com  ~  Email: help@consumingfire.com


Chad Taylor
Sep 06, 2006


In In 2003 I received a word titled "The Army is Deployed in Detroit" which was widely received and then one week later read from the piano at a church in Detroit by Kim Clement.  Many reported a spontaneous rush to the altar ensuing in a corporate cry for revival and a move of God in Detroit and the state of Michigan.  I recently met Pastor Keenan Knox at a conference I spoke at with Bill Hamon and others in Orlando, FL.  Consequently Keenan and his wife Danielle pas tor a church in Detroit called New Creation in Christ which I am scheduled to speak at this coming Thursday through Sunday September 7-10th. 

I strongly believe that the Lord is issuing a "REDEPLOYMENT" in the city of Detroit and for the entire state of Michigan.  A prophet from Kenya Africa wrote me and stated, "Revival has been released in the atmosphere of Michigan but He lacks men to walk in it..."  I believe this word to be true.  God is looking for a vanguard of men and women alike to pull themselves away from the gravity of modern movements and begin to blaze a trail of fresh fire and revival.  Detroit is a city of "FIRSTS" and has always been a pioneer in American econonomy, music and culture that has literally changed the world.  It's time once again for the CHURCH OF MICHIGAN to awake to Her divine destiny and take ACTION. 

I pray that many of you reading this in the Detroit area and in the state of Michigan - even those that the Lord may move upon to travel this week to Detroit will come to New Creation in Christ Church and raise the cry of fresh fire and revival.  I sense a "conjugation" of angels and the presence of His Kingdom in and over these series of meetings and the city of Detroit in general.  Stand with us in intercession and prayer as we "REDEPLOY THE ARMY IN DETROIT!" 

Meeting Thursday & Friday @ 7pm and Saturday @ 10am (Sat. night to be announced) are located at: 
5201 French Rd. Detroit, MI. New Creation in Christ Church
Sunday morning is @ 10:00 am - Jared W. Finney High School Auditorium 17200 Southampton Detroit, MI 48224
FOR MORE INFO. EMAIL US AT help@consumingfire.com



"Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up: Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong." (Joel 3:9-10).

I heard the Lord say today during a time of prayer, "THE ARMY IS DEPLOYED IN DETROIT". I could see an awesome gathering of warriors taking place there, not only in the natural but the spiritual as well. A vanguard of angels amassing over the city. I heard the voice of Elisha as I saw this vision unfolding, "And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha." (II Ki 6:17).

As this army began to come together I again heard the command from the throne of God, "THE ARMY IS DEPLOYED IN DETROIT". I saw an accelerated equipping taking place in this city of Detroit and from that equipping came a divine commissioning. From this spiritual capitol city of Detroit a massive offensive was taking place. As quickly as the army had amassed they began to disperse into every corner of the city with the simple apostolic message, "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified..." (1 Cor 2:2).


Every bar, brothel, tavern, barrio, and business place was impacted by this DIVINE DEPLOYMENT. What resulted was a genuine Pentecost experience as the upper-room of prophetic experience emptied into the marketplace declaring a resurrected Christ. Great signs and wonders accompanied this DIVINE DEPLOYMENT as the church began to pray, "And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus." (Acts 4:29-30).


As this vision progressed I saw an army of youth dancing in the streets of Detroit. As in the day of Jesus they were in the temples and public places crying out, "...and the children crying in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son of David..." (Matt 21:15). There was a great spiritual awakening in the hearts of the youth in Detroit. I saw events like THE CALL targeting Detroit in the near future. Great gatherings were filling stadiums and open areas of Detroit as the youth gathered to rend the Heavens, they exclaimed the prayer of Isaiah as they gathered, "Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence..." (IS. 64:1).


I then saw major corporate heads and CEO's in Detroit running to Jesus and bowing down as Saul did on the road to Damascus. The word Damascus in Greek means to DECLARE OR TELL. Saul was about to experience a DIVINE DEPLOYMENT and be transformed into an apostolic sound that would DECLARE AND TELL the world of a resurrected Christ. The business sector of Detroit is about to have a SAUL OF TARSUS EXPERIENCE. Detroit will become a model city of finance and blessing, enabling ministries to thrive and outreach the uttermost parts of the earth. Many end-time min istries will base from Detroit and come under a prophetic blessing and covering.


I then heard the Lord say, "TO CANADA WITH LOVE". I saw an angel positioned between Michigan and Canada opening the ancient gates between these borders. As these gates opened I saw the Great Lakes on fire. A blessing began to flood into Canada as Detroit was deployed into a greater destiny. A spiritual exchange between these two nations was taking place. I saw recent hostility between Canada and the United States relieved and released as this army amassed in Detroit. A ancient inheritance was released between these two territories as this blessing overtook them. I heard the Lord say again, "TO CANADA WITH LOVE".


"Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them." (Acts 8:5). A Spirit of the Evangelist was released in Detroit. The Prophetic Evangelist. No dark pla ce was safe from the sound that was being unleashed. The sound of salvation and redemption. Great deliverance accompanied this thrust of evangelism that was occurring. Demons came out of many. Witchcraft and covens were dispersed and scattered from the anointing of evangelism that was released in Detroit. Many key satanic figures suddenly came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and were converted. The city became a international city of refuge. As this vision ended I heard the voice of the Lord again, "THE ARMY IS DEPLOYED IN DETROIT".

Chad Taylor


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by Chad Taylor

Let me explain the title of this message, "OPEN HEAVENS AND EXTREME HARVEST!".   I had one of the most unusual and powerful experiences of my life on the week that just passed.  I was a speaker at a conference in Orlando, FL. called, "Let the Prophet Speak" hosted by Francina Norman and company.  It was a different landscape as the church was predominately African American and many of the speakers were not familiar to me with the exception of Bishop Bill Hamon and Deion Sanders the football player.  I arrived on Thursday morning June 29th and spent some quality time with the youth pastor and others in this fairly large church.  That night the sanctuary was nearly filled as approximately 400 people came to hear the word from Bill Hamon who many consider as the pioneer of the current prophetic movement .  As Bill spoke there was a brief interruption followed by an announcement that the pastor's wife had had a heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital.  This prompted fervent prayer as the meeting continued.
Sometime later the entire atmosphere suddenly changed as it was announced that the pastor's wife had passed from this world.  The place exploded as people began to cry out to God in an unprecedented way.  The sound that emanated from that church was not of this world friend as Heaven and earth suddenly collided.  The scripture, "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." suddenly took on a life of its own as a few hundred people began to cry out to God in one accord.  Co-pastor and First Lady of this church was pronounced dead at 9:32 PM on Thursday June 29th, 2006.  I was scheduled to speak the following morning and evening.  When I entered the sanctuary the next day, only hours later, the atmosphere had clearly changed.  There was an expectancy that did not exist before.  Everyone knew something very unique had to be taking place for such unusual and unexpected events to be transpiring.  I was honestly at a loss of what to say until I took the microphone during worship that morning and evening and the prophetic word was declared with force and clarity personally and by many in attendance.  This is some of what unfolded:
"Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." (John 12:24) became the clarion call of the evening as this prophetic song progressed; "The Lord says that from this seed a million souls will be reaped in Orlando!  A million souls will come into the Kingdom as a result of this one seed.  For the Lord declares over you an open heaven and a extreme harvest!  The Lord says a new precedent is now set over Florida and this nation and the heavens will be opened as My people contend in this way.  For I am releasing my angels of vindication, restitution and harvest as the reaper overtakes the sower.  AS ENOCH WENT UP INTO HEAVEN AND NEVER RETURNED TO EARTH BUT HE STOOD IN THE GAP AND KEPT THE DOOR IN HEAVEN OPENED EVEN AS ELIJAH WENT UP AND NEVER RETURNED TO EARTH HE ALSO KEPT THE HEAVENS OPEN AND A DOUBLE PORTION WAS GIVEN TO THAT NATION - SO NOW SHE IS STANDING IN THE GAP AND AN OPEN HEAVEN IS AVAILABLE TO US HERE RIGHT NOW!"
Many more words in this context was released that morning and night from myself and the ministers in attendance then Sunday morning as Bill Hamon addressed the congregation again.  I truly believe that all across this country and the world we can take a hold of this open heaven with them in Orlando, FL.  That in EXTREME HARVEST traumatic and violent things often will occur.  Did you ever ask yourself why thousands were saved after the death and resurrection of Jesus on the day of Pentecost?  The violent tumultuous times produced a EXTREME HARVEST.  The reason we are experiencing record breaking floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters is because we are in a time of EXTREME HARVEST.  This only underwrites the dire need for all of us to position ourselves right where we are at and in every general meeting we assemble in to take this harvest by force.  We cannot afford to lose what has been spent to secure this open heaven.  It is commonly reported that there is "open heavens" in certain regions, cities and more often at conferences.  But you must ask yourself,  "Is this open heaven we are declaring resulting in an extreme harvest?"  If not, then it stands to question if this is really a "open heaven" as many might presume.  The problem can be two-fold; one, there really isn't an open heaven and/or we have simply not responded to the opportunity of extreme harvest that this open heaven creates.  The latter is often true, we simply take this open heaven for granted and move on to something more experiential or self-satisfying and never seize and reap this harvest springing up all around us.  Jermiah had a similar experience when he prophesied, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved..."  (Jer 8:20). 
I want to show you a progression or evolution in context to open heavens and extreme harvest as described above.   First we see Enoch who gets caught up into Heaven and disappears to never be seen again.  There is something about Enoch though that must be pointed out.  Enoch represented one of the first prophetic dispensations upon the earth.  Jude testifies about Enoch, "...the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints..."  (Jude 14).  See Enoch was a "Heaven opener" and prophesied the future and what must certainly come to pass.  Likewise did Elijah.  Elijah was a "heaven opener" as well, "Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit."  (James 5:17-18).  You see we all can be "heaven openers" but are we willing to pay the price to do so and become extreme harvesters?  "And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven..." (2 Kings 2:11).  This open heaven created a double portion of anointing and Elisha who inherited it seized the moment and later declared an EXTREME HARVEST!  "Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria."  (2 Kings 7:1).  You see we cannot have open heavens without extreme harvest!  But we must also discern this and begin to declare it over our cities, churches and nation and then be willing and ready to step out and possess it as Elisha did. 
Paul was also a Heaven Opener and a Extreme Harvester - he went up into heaven but came back down to earth!  "And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)  How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter."  (2 Cor 12:3-4).  I believe the Kingdom evolution that is taking place is that we can now go up into the Heavens, opening doors over cites and regions and then come back down and unlike Paul who was limited in his era, DECLARE WHAT WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD!  This will produce harvest unlike the earth has ever witnessed or seen.  We will bring down strongholds but then we will seize the open heavens with great force and tenacity to reap tens and hundreds of thousands even millions into the Kingdom of God.  This open heaven that we will secure will be an eternal vacuum of heavenly advantage that will sweep them into the Kingdom of God unparalleled in human spiritual experience.  Are you ready!  
In Jesus mighty name, amen!
We have not been back to the Gulf Coast for over two months now but the 24/7 prayer and worship tent hosted by Lance Rowe in New Orleans prospers and continues to reach the city.  The other 24/7 tent here in Thomasville, GA. at Hebron Church on Hwy 319 also stands vigilant and open for prayer and worship.  We as a family remain in Ochlocknee, GA. but may be moving from our current residence by the end of summer though we intend to stay in the area.  We still need the means to purchase the two houses and land if the Lord intends for us to occupy it.  Any investors and good stewards are welcome!  We have released the current owners to put the property on the pubic market at the end of Aug. as we plan to move.  We hosted a revival team of youth this summer and again staged weekly outreaches in the small public park.  It was met with great expectancy and on many occasions prayer could be heard into the night as dozens came from the neighborhood to receive prayer and prophecy as we barbecued.  Another prophetic/apostolic dance team also visited Ochlocknee from Canada recently and literally danced in the streets of the city in full regalia and declared restoration and revival!  It was a sight to see to say the least. 
The public pool remains in our possession but still lies empty and unrestored.  It is like a spiritual barometer of sorts for the general mindset of the area which remains unwilling to expand and choose life rather than prejudice - though we are confident the wall of resistance is breaking!  There are a number of monthly payments on the pool outstanding which we were unable to pay; any investors and good stewards again are welcome to assist us!  We have deferred to the Body of Christ long ago and completely admit alone we can do nothing.  If you desire to help us any of these fronts please don't hesitate to take advantage of this open heaven and extreme harvest we are experiecing here.  We are forever grateful for the faithful freinds of this ministry that have sent compensation and comfort from around the world, you know who you are, thank you.  I pray that everyone that has partnered with us on any level would reap a EXTREME HARVEST in thier city, household and nation.  Please don't hesistate to visit our website, which by they way has a new "face" and see how you can help today.  www.consumingfire.com   To email us do so at - help@consumingfire.com  
Some of the best and "current" website design that I have seen in a long time can be found at http://www.etherealvibe.com  there you will meet Kevin Klient and family.  Kevin was also the webservant for the Elijah List for many years and understands the intricate needs of a web based ministry.  Please don't hesitate to check this website out and see what he can do for your ministry today!  Believe me it will be worth the time!





by Chad Taylor



by Chad Taylor

Recently we reported of the second 24/7 prayer and worship tent being established in Bay St. Louis/Waveland Mississippi where the eye of Hurricane Katrina wreaked its havoc. The tent is up. It is located at 103 Old Spanish Trail in the front lawn of Word of Faith Church. Delegates and prayer warriors from across the state have assembled to launch this "ship of grace" into the deeper waters of America's destiny. Each tent has explicably carried the DNA or revival as teams inevitably and often unannounced go into the streets and demonstrate God's hope and power in these tumultuous times. Outreach and soul-winning is the obvious fruit of anything genuine and born of God. Without it we are impotent, powerless and become a clanging symbol and self gratifying expression of religious zeal. Many of the present prayer movements are flirting with self gratification as "times in prayer" become more important than reaching out and doing that which every prayer endeavor should consummate in; setting the captives free, binding up the broken hearted and opening the prison doors to those in spiritual, moral, and physical captivity. Truly this is the only answer to future disasters and the troubling times that are unfurling all around us...


The 24/7 prayer and worship tent in New Orleans located at 2001 Airline Hwy. near the Causeway exit off of I-10 is digging a well of revival that will be a resource of God's glory for decades to come. With utter almost unexplainable catastrophe both spiritually and physically the tent stands as a beacon of everlasting mercy in what appears to be hopelessness and despair. Only a fragment of the city remains as New Orleans has been deemed by many, a "city under siege". The need for a fresh wave of prayer teams, worship teams and laborers of love has never been so vital. We must realize that revival is a not a "3 month window" of media attention but a life long commitment to see places like New Orleans completely transformed and revived. The 24/7 prayer tent is a hair trigger of revival that needs people like you to take hold of it. It will ultimately become what you put into it. We are ready to receive teams and ministry groups from around the world so please contact us now.


Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi is a three-fold wick that God is about to light. The bedrock of prejudice and religious hierarchy will become "undone" as it unravels under the Lord's mandate for reformation. The red and white tent hosting 24/7 prayer and worship is now ready to receive teams with the backdrop of utter destruction in Bay St. Louis/Waveland, MS. God forbid the church remains indifferent as this historic precipice marks the American experience forever. God will not let us forget - this is only the beginning of sorrows as the birth pangs of revival become more frequent and strong. Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi is a birth canal of revival and the shaking will be defining and deliberate as the Lord sets the stage for His glory. The spirit of self-striving and self promotion will burn in the furnace of testing and only the gold of His productivity and ministry will have any lasting impact. The seeds of self promotion will find no root and only appear for a little while and then vanish away. In the next 6 months to one year you will know assuredly what was the Lord's and what was not.


Thomasville, GA. was once the play ground for the rich and influential in pre-civil war era. Presidents and foreign dignitaries came to the "City of Roses" to find leisure and sport. Thomasville was also marked as one of the few "cities of refuge" during the civil and literally accommodated tens of thousands of wounded confederate soldiers. It no coincidence then that Thomasville would host the third 24/7 tent to launch strategic concentrated worship and intercession. Thomasville straddles I-10 which is the main artery of public transportation into the Gulf Coast and the other 2 tents. Hebron Church 151 Hebron LN, Thomasville, GA has opened their doors and hearts to this nation and is preparing to host more teams. Hebron Church is located on US-19 S at 151 Hebron LN. The white tent cannot be missed. The strategy is simple - teams come through Thomasville fist if possible and receive some "basic training" and what to expect in the other locations and then are launched down I-10 into Bay St. Louis, New Orleans and eventually Port Arthur, TX. Some teams because of time restrictions may only be able to visit one of these locations and that is encouraged as well.


The demand for resources has really never been so great than now. To keep people on the ground at these tents literally 24/7 around the clock for months at a time is awesome to say the least. We are still limited with basic transportation and RV's and campers that are so indispensable in areas that for miles has no real accommodations. Would you please consider giving something right now so we can send a supply to those laboring at all 3 tents daily, weekly and now monthly with no real end in sight. We need you help. Here are some ideas:

1) We need banners, flags, maps, shofars, anointing oil etc. to put in each tent. Do you make banners? Does your church have some they could send that can be displayed in the tents? We need flags of various nations, states as well.

2) We need bunk beds. Thomasville specifically, blankets, sleeping bags etc.

3) We also need worship c.d.'s, contemporary, harp and bowl style, Morning Star, Vineyard, prophetic etc. please see mailing address below.

If you can make a one time donation for our ongoing work in the Gulf Coast and the 24/7 prayer locations please visit this link and find the "donate" button in the left hand margin of the page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACIOUS OBEDIENCE AND FAITHFULNESS! Pictures of all 3 locations will be posted on website ASAP.

GIVE ONLINE NOW: www.consumingfire.com/operationrescue.htm
Email us: help@consumingfire.com


The public pool that we have been working on for over a year now has made some substantial progress. The roof is nearly done with the gracious giving of another local lumber yard and now we await the concrete work. The local bank building that has also been closed for a number of years will soon be occupied by our ministry and others collaborating with us for regional revival. The land owners of our two homes on acreage has extended our stay and we are still seeking the Lord on the ability to buy the property outright which is a very small amount compared to other cities and areas. The need for the extra housing and land is even more critical now as we launch into the Gulf Coast and beyond. Your prayers and input are priceless.

Ochlocknee Link: www.consumingfire.com/ochlocknee.htm



After 2 months the tabernacle of 24/7 prayer and worship in New Orleans has taken a life of its own. Teams and individuals arrive at the tent daily to keep the heavens open over the ravaged city of New Orleans. A city of 500,000 is now hovering at 40,000. Now 3 more locations have aligned with New Orleans and are currently in process to establish 24/7 prayer and worship; Bay St. Louis near Gulf Port and Biloxi where the eye of Katrina passed over, Port Arthur, TX. that endured the blunt of Rita shortly after Katrina and finally as a staging ground and first of its kind outside the devastated areas, Thomasville, GA. Bay St. Louis will have the tent up approximately Jan. 1st as we join forces with Streetscape Ministries, A Blaze of Glory Ministries and others who have already secured the location.

Port Arthur, TX. is another project of her own. It is the Western front in the hundreds of miles of devastated coastal and inland areas. We will need teams of intercessors and worshipers from all of the designated areas that can begin planning now to visit and assist in launching these historical platforms of prayer. Are you near any of these areas or have a burden from the Lord for them? Please contact us ASAP so we can agree with you and begin to network. We need local church support, sound equipment, and a OUTDOOR TENT FOR THOMASVILLE, GA. All of the other locations already have tents ready to lift up. If you have or know of a ministry that has an outdoor tent that could participate in something as powerful as 24/7 outdoor prayer and worship please contact us right away at chadtaylor@consumingfire.com

The Thomasville, GA. location is in a strategic place just on the fringes of devastation which places it in a very strategic position to act as a staging ground to receive and prepare teams for Bay St. Louis, MS., New Orleans, LA., and finally Port Arthur TX. Thomasville is 45 min. from I-10 and Florida which creates a straight shot to all of the other locations. Please begin now planning to visit us in Thomasville, GA. and then on to ground zero. Another aspect of places like Thomasville, GA. that our outside devastated areas is that they create cities of refuge and maintain a prayer vigil over American and are uniquely outside the church walls which puts them within reach of the lost and searching of their own cities. In New Orleans there are constant reports of healing, salvations, rededications, and open air baptisms in the 24/7 tent. Isn't this really what it should be accomplishing? Not only touching heaven but the city in which it abides? Yes, and exactly what the Lord is establishing first in New Orleans and now in other key locations. Revival is imminent in all of these places plan on visiting now!

CONTACT US WITH NEWS OF A TENT, PLANS TO VISIT OR ANY OTHER STRATEGY AT chadtaylor@consumingfire.com or call and leave a message at 229-672-1008


We need sponsors to help us with our next trip next week to New Orleans as we take pastors and other volunteers into New Orleans from Thomasville, GA. if you can help us with gas and the others necessities please visit OPERATION RESCUE link below and make a one time donation to make this trip possible. We cannot do it without you go to www.consumingfire.com/operationrescue.htm and use the donate button to use credit card or personal check. You do NOT have to have a paypal account to take advantage of these services.


by Chad Taylor
12 states and innumerable people have come through the threshold of 24/7 prayer and worship in New Orleans at our first of many 24/7 beachheads at 2001 Airline Hwy off of I-10.  Literally teams are and have come from as far away as New York, Minnesota, Washington state and Florida to create a perpetual sound and act of worship and prayer in New Orleans which has become a vortex of spiritual possibilities.  I believe the entire nation is in the balances and her continued response to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans will be a determining factor for the future.  Though we have had a incredible response from people across the country we still need a great number more to accomplish true 24/7 prayer and worship in New Orleans.  There are many gaps to fill especially in December and the months to follow.  Our commitment to sustain 24/7 prayer and worship is indefinite so please respond with your dates and times that you and a team could come and lift the standard. 

When you visit Bay St. Louis and the surrounding areas of Waveland etc., you witness something out of a science fiction movie as 20 blocks of what once was habitable neighborhoods and livable land is simply non-existent.  Reports have come in that there is still recovery of dead bodies.  Bay St. Louis is literally where the eye of Katrina hit.  Consuming Fire has joined forces with Streetscape Ministries who consequently have been on the ground in Bay St. Louis 3 days after the hurricane struck and Blaze of Glory Ministries from MS. to raise up another 24/7 prayer and worship tabernacle!  We will circulate teams from New Orleans into Bay St. Louis, MS. near Gulf Port and Biloxi and seize this divine opportunity with 24/7 prayer and praise.  Please contact us now so we can begin strategizing and filling the gaps thus seizing this divine moment to literally lead hundreds of thousands of people into the Kingdom of God.

The frontlines are being forged as the church allows the destruction and devastation to be its clarion call of action and outreach.  The question is how many will sit idle while one of the greatest thresholds of revival stands open to us?  How much does it take to shake the dust of predictability and apathy from the altars of our heart and say, "Here am I, send me"?  If we knew the gravity of our obedience to this historical landmark in American history we would be leaping into it with absolute abandonment.  We still are extending the invitation for you to come to these strategic areas to give yourself to prayer and worship; please respond now.  If you are a church or ministry in the Gulf Coast area and desire to network and possibly create a 24/7 prayer and worship beachhead in your city or region please make contact as well.  This concentration of forces on the frontlines of this nation's future will set the stage for revival for the next 40 years.  Let's seize the moment!
A word was given from a brother Kevin Frasure in Aug. of this year which one caption read, "ARMY OF RV'S" here is a portion of that word: "I see an army of RV's. I see RV ministries beginning to pop up.  Some of the RV's will be ministries to feed the poor and heal the sick. These RV's will be equipped to pick up and go, set
up and leave.  It will be a portable strike force.  They will operate in the  Glory and Power of God. I hear the words "Trail Blazers" They will go and rebuild cities...."  How true this word has become in the Gulf Coast where it is reported 40% now live in a RV or Travel campers.  In most places there simply is no housing.  The portable "strike forces" are God's way of getting us into these uninhabitable places and set up camp to sustain 24/7 prayer and worship.  The challenge is getting enough RV's, motor homes, 5th wheels, and campers to accommodate the need.  We are currently functioning in one RV in New Orleans and desperately need more.  Can you help?  Do you know anyone that has a RV or camper that we can use during this campaign?  What price is too high to see cities and 1/3 of our country rebuilt that has been impacted this year by these hurricanes and floods?  We need some radical faith filled believers that can help us secure this great need.  Please pray with us and use any practical means possible to help.  We will need at least 4 more portable trailers or motor homes to accommodate teams in New Orleans and now Bay St. Louis.  To help with this specific need go to www.consumingfire.com/NONEEDS.htm

Our teams on the ground need gas money and other practical expenses to be met you can help right now by going to Operation Rescue Link: Hurricane Katrina, online calendar of 24/7 prayer teams and donations go to: www.consumingfire.com/operationrescue.htm  see new pictures from Bay St. Louis area and the prayer and worship tent go to: www.consumingfire.com/katrinapics.htm
EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT: help@consumingfire.com



pro·vision·er: n : a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army...

We met today in the thick humid air of Southwest, GA. and I heard the Lord say,"OPEN UP THE SUPPLY LINES AND THE PROVISIONERS WILL COME!" A provisioner as I later found out at dictionary.com was a supplier to the army during battle. This is a strategic prophetic statement that we must declare over Ochlocknee, GA. and beyond. I believe the Lord made this statement as it relates to the team coming from Haverhill, MA. as released in our previous report, "THE YANKEES ARE COMING!" last month.

A team from "The Edge of The Jordan Cafe" will be leaving Massachusetts this Monday July 4th (how ironic?) and driving with trucks and trailer to Ochlocknee to help us rebuild the pool house and bathrooms to the public pool we have take possession of. Amazing that the laborers have to come from New England because the workers are so few here? We have literally been at a complete standstill because of the lack of workers and have been forced to simply stand our ground and occupy. The reality as it was in Jesus' day is the believers are many but the ones willing to get in the trenches and bleed are very few. By and large we have become so preoccupied with self and religious activities that often disguise themselves as good works, we are no longer effective in expanding God's true Kingdom. We have become a charismatic machine that spins it's prophetic wheels and really goes nowhere...

Our cities remain desolate and still not rebuilt as we parade to the next event. But thank God He is raising up deliver's and builders that will do the work of 20 and the walls of the city will be restored! Like Ezra and Nehemiah they will face down the resistance and criticisms and forge ahead to finish what they have started. Be of good cheer the Lord will give us the Kingdom! I want to decree a challenge to the "provisioners" or those able to "open up the supply line". I believe one interpretation of this word is that there are certain individuals that have the "POWER" to open of the windows of Heaven and release a blessing that the frontlines will not be able to even contain. They have the power in their willingness to give that will break the stubborn resistance that has held places like Ochlocknee, GA. hostage for decades. Their offering will break the back of poverty and release a river of provision to finish the work at hand.

The provisioners will open up the supply line by their radical obedience to give! This is truly a profound word that we must pray through and release. Will you do this with me? Also those that are "provisioners" and suppliers to the army of God in position to take these cities will you be obedient to release what God has given you? First you must break the gravity of what can be seen and begin to see the invisible and only then will you have the faith to release the provision needed without fear. Millions of souls and the future of a generation literally hangs in the balances of obedience; on one side fear and the lack of courage to release and on the other hand self-sacrifice and vision that will see the outcome and rend the veil of the temporal and reach into the future of our cities and land.

I pray that this very day provisioners are raised up out of the ashes of previous disappointment and let downs to give into our campaign here in Ochlocknee, GA. What a shame that they will travel 1500 miles on their own means and we can not have the ability to help them once they arrive? We need a supply NOW to meet the needs of this public pool and the team that arrives Wed. July 6th. We need to rent a back hoe and heavy machinery to clear the land and the other tools needed to make this possible. We need food and water and other necessities to feed and care for the workers coming. Not to mention our basic needs as a ministry to function and accommodate the army that is being raised up around us to possess this land. The last three months has been a literal miracle of survival as "provisioners" from around the world have helped us hold this ground from being robbed and pillaged by the enemy. We must have more to finish the fight.

This Proverb applies to this message, "Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it. Say not to your neighbor, "Go, and come back later, and tomorrow I will give it; when you have it by you..." Proverbs 3:27-28. You that have the "power" to release the supply lines please respond now. Go to this link and use the options presented to give today and advance the Kingdom of God exponentially. The team from New England leaves Monday July 1st please pray for their provision in coming and their safety.

Yours for Him, Chad Taylor




by Chad Taylor

At the end of June and the first of July a phenomena will occur rarely seen in the deep bowels of the southern states. No, it's not a state championship football game or the World Series - it's even more unique. A group of dedicated passionate Christians will embark on a journey of restoration to a still civil-war haunted South. But, where these builders are coming from is what casts a light of rarity on these events; New England. A group of "Yankees" will be journeying to the borders of Georgia and Florida to set their hands to the plow of transformation. How appropriate, how strategic. New England played a major part in the Civil War and the battle against the Southern states and now they will play a key role in restoring her...

On our first ministry trip to the Southern states in 1999 in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia., Arab, Alabama and Jacksonville, Florida God showed us the two sticks in Ezekiel 37 and this scripture, "Join them one to another into one stick and they shall become one in your hand..." (vs. 17). It was obvious that their was a great divide still present between the Northern and Southern states of America. Not only in thought and lifestyle but in the overall spiritual and social landscape as well. We were struck with the reality that the Lord was going to heal this great schism and create a unity necessary to fulfill America's destiny. For us in Ochlocknee, GA. this is becoming a tangible reality as Christians stand with a hammer in one hand and a sword of God's word in the other and are now coming to the south from the foundation of America's beginning - New England.

They are coming with one purpose, to see this region won to Jesus and to finish the divine projects we have started over one year ago. I want to make an appeal to the Consuming Fire list which has proved to be some of the most radical and faithful people that I have ever worked with and yet many of you we have never even met face to face. You have responded to the cry of harvest from literally around the world and reached out to impact someone from so many thousands of miles away. Only God can repay you. We are appealing to you once more to reach out and help us advance His Kingdom in this impoverished region of Georgia. Our responsibility besides housing and feeding this team coming from New England to help rebuild the pool and other critical projects is to provide the material; wood, drywall, paint etc. for them to use in this process. The only way we can do that is with your help. Would you please consider this seriously in prayer and respond? We have a few weeks to prepare for their arrival and need to get the raw materials they need to start. What a joy to see a city saved!

Others have expressed a desire to come and help us here and surely when our freinds from New England arrive would be a great time to do that. If you have a skill or can help us rebuild the pool bath house and other structures what a blessing that would be. As this time in Ochlocknee progresses the Lord continues to reinforce the fact that we can not continue as the Army of God independent from each other or at best loosely fitted together. We need to come into a place of dangerous unity and sensitivity to each others needs that leaves the enemy in the dust of our spiritual progress. God will create circumstances in our lives that causes us to reach out to all parts of the Body of Christ to achieve any form of victory in our mission. Ochlocknee has become a divine specimen on a heavenly microscope for the whole world to see - let's take her over the top then and see these projects completed!

If you can help us please visit our Ochlocknee page and click the "donate" button and use the various forms to help us today. You do not have to sign up for paypal to use this feature online. Simply click the option that you would not like to sign up right now and it will take you to the appropriate page. Please don't hesitate to respond to this appeal as we have only a few short weeks to prepare for our brothers and sisters from the North as the embark on a journey of transformation to the deep south. I have no doubt that the Consuming Fire family will rise to the occasion again and exponentially advance His Kingdom in Ochlocknee, GA. See link below for more info.

Ochlocknee Link:




Many of you have been following with great interest the unfolding events in the small town of Ochlocknee. From the weeks of outreach in the public park last summer to the securing of two houses and property for ongoing ministry. It has been a divine drama unfolding before our eyes. Also if you remember late last year the Lord opened a strategic door by allowing us to purchase the local public pool that has been closed for more than 18 years. This was literally the epicenter of the city two decades ago. The place where parents met and children played. It was also a point of intense scrutiny and controversy because blacks were not allowed to swim in the pool and until the day it finally closed that unwritten rule stood as a reminder of the deep rooted prejudice that is still alive and well in parts of the South.

We are reaching toward the summer which is our projected goal to reopen the pool to ALL of the city. This story has also arrested the interest of the media which recently published it on the Front page of the Thomasville Enterprise (See article below). What begun a weekend rally in a rural southern town has literally become a city wide transformation. I pray as you read the newspaper report below that your heart will be moved toward your own city, neighborhood and region. God is literally putting within our reach the possibility of reaching entire cities outside the paradigm of modern methodology and break new ground of reformation and revival.

As we face these incredible breakthroughs we are also confronted with our inabilities and absolute need for others. It is simple; we cannot do what God has called us to do alone. We have to have a concerted front of prayer and partnership if we are ever going to achieve the spiritual goals God has set before us. The bottom line is we need your help. As you read the words that have captured the hearts of a region would you consider how you can help? So many of you did respond as we initially began the process of possessing the land in Ochlocknee and we need your help again as we have reached another water mark of breakthrough.

Can you imagine being part of something so powerful as re-opening the only public pool in 5 cities? Can you imagine the outreach and the thousands of young people that would be drawn to this well of salvation? It is indescribable what could and will happen as a concentration of commitment toward Ochlocknee and the entire southern region is mobilized. We have deadlines that must be met this month and in the forth coming weeks. I believe the Lord is going to raise up "silent partners" and strategic investors that are going to see the critical nature of such an endeavor that will respond. I believe that there are many of you that are reading this report right now that the Lord is prompting to respond. We need you, Ochlocknee needs you, we cannot do it without you. Be a part of history...


Author: Brewer Turley
Publication Date: 2005-02-04

OCHLOCKNEE — It might sound a little crazy to have a pool party in February, but this one is for a good cause.

Ochlocknee resident Chad Taylor and a group of volunteers are renovating the city pool — once a hub for young people and a fount of tradition for the town — and they need help.

The group will meet Saturday at noon to continue work on the facilities, which could be re-opened by this summer if all goes as planned. Taylor’s mission is to see the Ochlocknee pool returned to its former glory.

“When I moved here and got married a year and a half ago, I had no desire to live here. I’m from a big city up north,” Taylor said. “After living here for a couple of months, I got the impression that there were some issues with the kids.”

Taylor’s original call to Ochlocknee came through work with an outreach program, Consuming Fire Ministries. Several area parents had e-mailed the ministry, seeking help for their children.

“Once we started living here, it was obvious we had to do something. So we began to pray and discuss with people around here what could be done,” Taylor said. He organized sports clinics, barbecues and concerts for local young people, but one idea kept coming back to him.

“The whole time I was here, I kept hearing rumors of this pool. It was like the epicenter of the city,” Taylor said. “About 18 years ago, the pool closed. It was really like a part of the city had died. That’s where everybody went.”

Taylor investigator the matter, and was able to purchase the pool from its owner.

“Now our vision is to re-open that pool to the public,” he said.

He’d like to see the pool used for public recreation, church functions and night swims.

That will take some doing, however, as over the years the pool became overgrown with trees, weeds and brush. The concrete in the pool is sound, but will have to be re-sealed and painted before use, and the pool house and bathrooms will need repairs as well.

Fortunately, Taylor has enlisted people from all over the country to help him with his cause. There’s James McGee from Oklahoma.

“I’d like to see it opened up,” he said. “I met Chad in El Paso, he called me up a few months later and told me what he was doing. I came here from Oklahoma on the Greyhound.”

There’s also Julie Magnuson and her daughter Sophia, from Minnesota.

“We’ve had an ongoing relationship with his family, and we believe in the things they’re doing here,” she said. “Circumstances brought us down here for a couple of months, so we’re taking the opportunity to really be a part of this community.”

Magnuson believes in the future of this project, and what it could mean for Ochlocknee.

“It’s quite dynamic that our daughter is with us, and that she’s helping something come to life, because it’s really about the future of the children and the young adults in this community,” she said.

Mayor Raiford Long said the community has welcomed the project with open arms.

“You better believe that,” he exclaimed. “We need a lot of stuff like that. Anything to keep these children straight.

“This will give them a little guidance and entertain them,” Long said. “We haven’t had anything for several years now. No softball, no swimming pool, no basketball, and no programs to take up some of their time. You know boys will be boys, and they’re going to get into something, good or bad.”

For Misty Taylor, Chad’s wife, who grew up in Ochlocknee, fixing up the city’s pool is a personal mission.

“That’s where my parents met,” she said. “I know the city was different when the pool was open. You didn’t hear about as many people getting arrested. It was like people wanted to come here more.”

For more information, or to volunteer to help with the Ochlocknee pool project visit his Web site at www.consumingfire.com/ochlocknee.htm

DIRECT LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.timesenterprise.com/content/1/4653/Going+for+a+swim.htm

If you would like to make a donation to the pool project and the ongoing revival in Ochlocknee please see the address below or go to the link provided and click the "donate" button to use credit card or check. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO REVIVAL!

Chad Taylor
PO BOX 154
Ochlocknee, GA. 31773

Online Donations: www.consumingfire.com/ochlocknee.htm -- you DO NOT have to sign up for PayPal to donate.

What we have experienced this last week in Ochlocknee, GA. is so extraordinary I will try my best to explain.  When you visit this little country town allot can go unnoticed, like the sheer idleness in the young people faces.  The boredom is unnerving as you stand on the street corners and talk with them from day to day. It reminds you of the idle workers in Matthew 20:7 who replied, "No man has hired us..."  There is absolutely no outlet for them. 

As one searches further you will discover down an old narrow road something very strange indeed.  If you look hard enough through the overgrowth of trees and bushes you will see what appears to be an old public pool.  Diving board in the deep area and an adjacent wading pool for the kids.  Bathrooms and changing area and even a concession stand looms slightly in the back.  A chain link fence with barbed wire stands as a lone sentinel guarding an era long since past. 

Upon further scrutiny you will find out that this pool was closed 15 years ago and when it died part of the town died with it.  It was where the community met and communicated, the children played and family and friends met.  You will also discover that no one has attempted to re-build this once happy place in over a decade.  Like the city, it stands tired and empty reminding everyone of what once was or dreamed it could be.  Now here comes the miracle.  With a very little down payment we bought the public pool!  It is ours now to re-build and restore and with it re-build and restore the hope and joy of a city.  The well is LITERALLY being re-dug in Ochlocknee, GA.!

Can you believe it?  This scripture is being fulfilled here in an uncanny way, "I will open rivers in desolate heights,
And fountains in the midst of the valleys;
I will make the wilderness a pool of water,
And the dry land springs of water..." (IS 41:18).  It is happening right before our eyes.  Please don't stop helping us win this city.  We are off to an incredible beginning but much more territory lies ahead of us.  Our target date to re-open this public pool is June 11th, 2005.  Can you imagine the children playing in this pool again and what it means to this city? Proverbs says, "Hope deferred makes a heart sick."  What happens when hope is restored?  It makes the heart well...

We continue to outreach in the park weekly on Saturday as well.  Free food, barbecue, prayer and worship.  You can view a number of new pictures of our Saturday outreach at www.consumingfire.com/ochlocknee.htm you can also donate online and assist us in this revival campaign.  We will be adding a number of pictures in the next few weeks called "The Faces of Ochlocknee" to give you a visual image for your prayers and petitions.  We can't do it without you.  We are near the finish line too in securing a home for my family and the team from Nashville and Oklahoma.  I have no doubt we will have the houses promised us by the Lord soon. 


How can you help?  Besides simply donating to "Operation Ochlocknee" you may have items we could use in the houses?  A skill or trade that may prove useful in the restoration of the pool, pool house and bathrooms?  We need the help.  We need carpenters, painters, landscapers, mural painters, electricians, plumbers, and anyone with any experience or knowledge. Your prayers and commitment is reaping a harvest unprecedented not only in Ochlocknee but the world. 


The demand to transport the team and youth is beyond our current capacity.  We need reliable transportation to take them to work, outreach and transport the growing team.  If you could partner with us on any level simply mark it with "pool" or "house" or "transportation" and we will apply it accordingly.  Please view the pictures online and see a glimpse of transformation. 


October 21-22nd at the Recreation Center in Ochlocknee will be hosting our first of many rallies with prophetic voices from around the world.  Karen Johnson of Olive Tree Connections from Hendersonville, TN. will be with us.  Karen is a Hebrew scholar and teacher with a prophetic voice that reaches around the world.  A long time teacher at TBN in Hendersonville her teaching and prophetic music heralded as unique and one of kind will re-shape your future.  It will also re-shape Ochlocknee's.  Come and join us in this revival! 

Chad Taylor
PO BOX 154
Ochlocknee, GA.  31773


IF YOU WISH TO RESPOND PLEASE EMAIL: chadtaylor@consumingfire.com


We have experienced history unfolding this last week and it is only beginning… We have seen the bar owner from the Inner Circle Tavern beneath the Edge Cafe/Revival Center come up to pledge their heart and help to the Lord's work!  We have went to the streets of Haverhill and ended up in the heart of the city at the “Gypsy Moon” café which caters to the gay bar and the other night life of the city.  They welcomed us as if we were old friends and even put in our BLISS worship/prophetic c.d. from Georgian Banov and played it at full volume!  Can you imagine the world welcoming the church with open arms?   The shocking revelation is that they have ALWAYS been waiting to welcome God’s people into their taverns, restaurants and homes we just simply have not accepted their invitation and went to them…

The harvest is white.  This term is also used on the Mt. of Transfiguration, “white”.  It means “like lightning, full of glory…” The harvest is “like lightning – full of glory!”  We have been looking for glory in all the wrong places.  It’s time to seize this divine season and enter the fields.  We cannot afford to waste this moment in time and watch the glory pass us.  The future will be marked by those in the harvest and those that are not.  In other words the future will be marked by those IN THE GLORY and those that are not.  Which one are you?

Tuesday night we landed in Salem, MA. and we ministered to a group of youth and adults at a local church.  The explosion though occurred later when we met with Tommie Zito and walked the dark quite streets of Salem at 1AM in the morning.  No one moved, no cars drove by; nobody was confronted and accosted with the gospel.  We simply walked under an open heaven and declared His heart to the city.  A revelation of the enemy’s plots and plans were revealed to us as we walked.  God showed us that the fallen angels are STILL trying to get back into Heaven and take the Kingdom of God by force.  We as humans hold the keys that lock the gates from earth to heaven and forbid entrance into the spiritual realms.  We can “chain” the principalities and powers to this planet and forbid them access into “high places” where they desire to rule and control!  It was only in Salem, MA., the epicenter of witchcraft and sorcery that this wisdom could be revealed.

In White River Junction at Revival Connections we experienced a similar supernatural event as we later met in the streets at midnight.  There was a holy hush the blanketed the entire city as our small group walked ten city blocks without interruption.  Not a person, an animal or vehicle crossed our path as we treaded the ground and claimed it for His Kingdom.  Time seemed to stand still as we walked her streets and declared her future.  The prophetic word was strategic as the Lord told us that New England and California were the hinges on the door of this next election.   Previously the south was pivotal to our political and spiritual future in the previous election but now it has become clear that New England again will play a historical role in the spiritual and political climate of this country.  We hold the keys to divine revolution so let our war cry be, “LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!”

Words cannot really express the magnitude of this week…  The future is being shaped as we obey His voice and bridge the gap between church and street.  The margin that has been so vast between these two worlds is quickly narrowing.  We can now simply step over the dividing line and enter the harvest that is “like lightning, full of glory” and God will give us the city.  No prejudice to size or population - God will give us the city.  A battle cry is being raised across this New England region calling the Church into the front lines.  The hypnotic lullaby of false peace and safety is being eclipsed by the cries of revival and reformation in New England.  God is making it clear the soaking is turning to provoking and we must get out of our buildings and conferences and confront the spiritual resistance and seize the land around us.  New England will be a role model of revival for the rest of the nation and it is only beginning…  

Chad Taylor will be ministering at Open Gate Ministries in Granby, CT. 569 Salmon Brook Street this Saturday, May 29 at 7 PM & Sunday AM.

Please visit their website for directions.



I heard the Lord say just before Christmas, "New Years Revolution".  Resolution never gets it done, revolution leaves everything undone and moving toward a divine shore.  2004 will be such a year.  There will be a great revolution or radical change of approach and application come to the church.  One will be how we even define what church is.  The ways that worked in 2003 and before will work no more in 2004.  The great temptation to repeat or redo what we are used to can not prevail this coming year.  New thing God declares.


I see a great re-alignment for ministries and individuals.  God aligning us into His perfect will rather than our own desire for what it should be or is.  This will manifest with many changes and rearranges in our personal life, our schedules and our relationships.  It will also have a dramatic effect on our "metron" or measure of influence in ministry we already have.  God is going to radically change the places of our influence and impact this coming year.  "Go with the flow" will become very important in 2004!  God will not be dictated by our fine-tuned schedules and itineraries.  Too much is at stake for that.


I see this upcoming presidential election as one of the most important in history if not the most important.  Bush retaining the Whitehouse is an extension of grace and time that we need for this great harvest that is still pending by and large.  Bush has net yet even come close to his "full swing" in office to accomplish what God has for President Bush and God's Kingdom.  Between 2004 and 2008 will equate the most critical window for world harvest in world history.  Never has it been more important to get people saved and established in the Kingdom of God in those four years. 


Between 2004 and 2008 a foundation will be laid that can sustain the momentum of harvest that will begin to take place in those years.  A righteous "beach head" will be established during this time frame that will mobilize the army of God into all points and parts of the earth.  During these four years we will see a major surge in business and self-employment as Christians seize the moment and take back coveted economic land.  Witty inventions and business ideas will explode on the scene as a prophetic ingenuity takes precedence.  Then in the years following 2008 the Church will be a "Joseph" in an "Egypt" of crisis.


These three months will be the positioning months that will lead us into the time of delivery or manifestation of our vision and divine destiny.  These three months will be some of the most difficult to withstand but they will have the force to propel us into 2004 with power and victory.  Many of most prosperous moments of our lives will occur in 2004.  This will put us into a place of spiritual and economical stability to stand under the weight of God's glory about to be poured out on the earth.  


The term "two by two" will be renewed this year (2004).  The Body of Christ will "renew Her vows" and churches, ministries and individuals will enter a new covenant with one another for harvest and Kingdom values.  The extreme "individuality" of current ministries will be forced to commit to each other in an entirely deeper level thus losing much of their own personality.  Personality will be eclipsed by unity that will produce profound power for ministry.  God needs a "net" that "works" in 2004 to take in the massive influx of blessing.  Prolific partnering will occur; houses and lands will exchange hands thrusting the roots of love deep into the soil of the future.  We will not value "things" more than we value people.  This divine networking initiated by giving and receiving has the power to push us decades ahead of the enemies plots and plans. 



God has given me a new fresh outlook on partnering for this year.  I see many renewing vows and making new "vows" for the first time to frontline ministries so that their is no lack.  Here at Consuming Fire we need a thrust of finances to move of us off the shore of 2003 into 2004.  I am developing strategies now that can help us all launch into this together.  So many of you have vision for ministry but it sits on the shelf of "I will when I can..." Well, you can!  Thus the birth of MUSTARD SEED MARKETING.


This is a vision the Lord breathed into my spirit in Nashville, TN. last year and is finally coming to fruition now.  The timing could never be better.  Everyone, I mean everyone who reads this newsletter needs to look at this webpage below and see how it may help utilize and launch the vision and ministry inside of them now.  We cannot afford for ANYONE to be on the sidelines another year.  Mustard Seed Marketing will help get you into the middle of the action and out to the deep waters of His will.  Stop right now and go to this link: www.mustardseedmarketing.net and pray how this can impact you.  It's time to get your vision out of your heart and into the world.

This will also compensate our income which will simply help us get into more cities and regions propagate revival.  There is NO reason why your vision and ministry cannot come into fruition this year, 2004.  Together we WILL make it happen.  Consuming Fire alone receives nearly a 250,000 hits a month, equipping and empowering the church into harvest.  We will help you build your vision into the same level of impact.  Let me know now how we can make this happen.  When communicating with me do not hit "reply" to this email, use this address below:

Chad Taylor
PO Box 154
Ochlocknee, GA.



(I am sitting near the beach in Honolulu Hawaii as I write. We have been experiencing history unfolding in the Islands. Read on and be stirred... Chad Taylor)


I arrived in Kona, Hawaii Monday Aug. 26th. A key intercessor and leader in Kona told my host two days before my arrival, "When Chad arrives an earthquake will hit the Island..." 30 minutes after my touch down at Kona International Airport a 5.3 quake shook the island. That night I spoke to a group of hungry youth that are crying out for a move of God. I flew from Kona to Honolulu today, Sept. 2nd, and another earthquake shook the big Island 30 minutes after I departed. Here is the interpretation of these climatic events:

When the early church cried out to God for boldness in the book of Acts, "the place where they prayed was shaken..." Earthquakes often represent a spiritual breakthrough for that region. In this case it is profound. God is baptizing Hawaii into a revival spirit of boldness and courage to confront Her destiny and pending harvest.


Wednesday night I ministered in a prophetic church overlooking the surf of Kona and its streets. (Life Church pastored by Damian Wong) There are no walls in this church, so those passing by only have to look up on the balcony above to see and hear the prayer and praise. The prophetic word was clear and candid. Hawaii is being thrust deep into Her destiny and divine design in these end-time events and global reformation.

Hawaii is going to play a critical role in the next presidential election. Hawaii would be the 'weight in the balances of justice that would cause righteousness to prevail in the land...' God is laying a governmental mantle upon Hawaii that would increase it's world wide influence and impact dramatically. The prophetic word continued with a vivid picture of Hawaii's impact on California in the next presidential election as well. The intense intercession from the Islands would sway the West Coast into His providence and conviction.


Only a few days into my mission to Hawaii Hurricane Jimena was moving dead on for the big Island of Hawaii where I was located. On Friday Aug. 29th while ministering at Calvary Church the Lord made it clear that this hurricane was created by the enemy to thwart the harvest we were entering into. We rebuked the storm and commanded it not to come to the Island. On Sunday night it seemed inevitable as it approached as close as 100 miles off the coast. Later Sunday night it abruptly stopped and backed up out to sea. It was dispersed and dissolved and we were on the beach swimming the following day! These moments we are all facing everywhere are epic!

During the week we met at various key places around the Island including the historic Hilo with key leaders and intercessors. Powerful reconciliation followed between the indigenous people of Hawaii and others. Historic ground was covered as well at South Point, a legendary and critical shore line where many entered and exited the Islands the last 200 years. The land is being prepared for a massive groundswell of revival that will not be experienced only in the church but will consume the beaches, streets, and public places. It is already beginning...


Saturday night Aug. 29th a group representing various churches and ministries met at the first church of Hawaii where the missionaries landed in 1820. We gathered on the lawn outside and prepared to worship and pray. Suddenly a large procession of people (around 200 or more) began to parade in front of the church carrying torches of fire! We immediately joined the "walk of fire" as it continued down the main boulevard of Kona. A vivid prophetic picture manifested and God made it clear, THE FIRE HAS FALLEN ON HAWAII!

Friday night in our meeting the word was spoken in reference to the epidemic of the drug "ice" that plagues the Islands, "the answer to ice is the FIRE..." God is releasing a fresh fire in the Islands. A fire of unprecedented revival and harvest. A harvest that will not be bottled or boxed in convenient conferences and churches, but one that breaks out in every public place. A harvest that will consume the hearts of the youth and set them on a divine course to the nations. A harvest that will transform the church from just an object of spiritual affection to a burning inferno of passion and power. Hawaii, this is your hour.


This Sunday Aug. 31st Pastor Che Ahn from Pasadena ministered at the downtown church I ministered at on Wed. I illustrated the previous events "the walk of fire" etc. before Che Ahn spoke. The Lord defined the moment, "when the market place meets the upper-room it is an apostolic expression..." It was no coincidence that the apostolic ministry of Che Ahn was following our prophetic thrust into the streets of Kona. The stage is set, revival in now.

I will be in Honolulu the rest of this week ministering and various places and taking teams to the streets. Pray for us as we walk the streets of Hawaii, pray for salvations and pray that the church rises to this historic occasion of harvest. Partner with me as well so I can continue to maintain our home in New Mexico as well as travel to the divers and sundry points of harvest abroad. Go to www.paypal.com and use the email chadtaylor@consumingfire.com and help us in September. Bless you as you move into your own harvest! Chad Taylor


We are seeing souls saved daily in Chaparral, NM.  We have hit a ground swell of salvations in this desert community that straddles the border of Texas and Mexico.  We have partnered with Chaparral Vineyard and broke historic ground in the local park.  30 pizzas and hundreds of hotdogs later dozens of souls have committed to Jesus Christ.

The mandate from the Lord is to raise up this last days army of revivalists and prophetic evangelists.  Chaparral, New Mexico is a base camp, a "ground zero" for the army of God and its mobilization.  We have heard the Lord say very clearly that they will come from all over the world to these strategic base camps, "Bethel's", to receive the equipping and enabling necessary to impact and transform their own regions and cities.  Maybe this applies to you?

The wind of something new and fresh in New Mexico has hit the wire and reinforcements are coming in from across America.  Florida and Oklahoma have joined the ranks this week.  No doubt we are only seeing the first fruits of a grassroots revival in New Mexico and beyond.  Keep your eye on the Southwest, I can hear the sound of an abundance of rain...

Continue to concentrate prayer toward this region.  Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce began their own historic tour through American starting in New Mexico earlier this year.  The time has come for her transformation and visitation.  The prophets are being deployed to the borders to prophecy to the ancient gates and awaken the inherent destinies within them.  Join with the divine crescendo and pray this prayer, 'OPEN THE GATES AND LET THE KING OF GLORY COME IN..."

More of God's intercessors and ministries will be deployed to the border states this year.  Some permanently, others temporarily but all toward the same goal; revival.  You will also see a unusual unity begin to develop between prophetic and evangelistic ministries, they will suddenly realize in this season that they cannot accomplish their goals without the other.  Apostle, Prophet, and Evangelist will be seen working side by side starting this year, the three-fold cord that cannot be broken.

This too is a powerful time to sow and reap.  A Genesis 26:12 blessing is in effect to those that give into the harvest and those on the front lines this year.  Anything you give this year will come back a hundred fold the next.  That is the promise of God to the harvesters and the sower's.  Take Him at His word.  We are always in need of partners that will stand with us in the financial realm and allow us to labor freely and without worry.  If you feel the mandate to stand with us go to www.consumingfire.com/partnersforharvest.htm  

Intercessors, pray for Chaparral, New Mexico.  Let's put it on the map of prayer and agree this border town is consumed by His power and presence.  There are satanic strongholds and groups that have been identified, so pray aggressively.  Also pray for the local church as they prepare for revival, specifically for Chaparral Vineyard Church that is in a strategic position for what is on the horizon.


Chad Taylor and team.


Saturday July 5th we were in our home in New Mexico near the Old Mexico border when the word of the Lord became very clear.  Mexico was about to be positioned for major change and transition that would produce the atmosphere for revival.  I prophesied that major political changes were about to happen and that righteousness would prevail.  We had no idea in the natural that one of Mexico's most important elections was going to happen the next day.  We were later on Mexican soil agreeing with His will for the great country of Mexico to rise up to its divine destiny and shake off the dust of decades of tyranny, indifference and poverty.  Without a doubt Mexico has come to a historic precipice pregnant with possibility.

We have made two excursions into this mysterious land already and are planning a third trip this week.  We have had many requests from our Mexican brothers to bring bibles to those beyond the border that are hungry for God's word.  This is a special month for us at Consuming Fire as we have hit the ground running moving from Nashville to New Mexico.  This is a special alert to all those that have partnered with us in the past and our currently praying and sowing into the frontlines of harvest.  We need to pound the stakes of revival deep in this South West soil and we cannot afford to be waylaid or delayed.  Too much, too many are at stake.  We have already made inroads into El Paso, TX. and Las Cruces, New Mexico.  We are literally straddling the New Mexico and Texas border where we are residing.  Join with us this month in a special way and help us lay a solid foundation in this hungry and dry region.  Here is some of our specific needs:

1)  Spanish Bibles.  We will take them any way you can get them to us.  Or we can purchase them with any donations that come in marked, "BIBLES".

2)  We need a secondary vehicle to enable us to cover this vast expanse of land around us.  Our liberty to travel equates a greater harvest.  If you have it to give we will receive it and use it to reap massive harvest!

3)  An all points bulletin for special financial harvesters that will partner with us with their blessing and substance and enable us to do all that He is asking us to do right now.  We must be prepared for the many that are coming to Consuming Fire for training and equipping for this epic harvest that is upon us.  We must not be ill prepared.  We must be ready!  I believe those that give in this window of harvest right now will reap exponentially.  The fields have never been so rich and ripe with revival.  Join us on the front lines now.  (See our new mailing address below)


Chad Taylor
PO Box 154
Ochlocknee, GA 37117

If you would like to partner with us with check or credit card go to www.paypal.com and use the email
chadtaylor@consumingfire.com  to finalize the transaction.  Or simply send mail to the address above.  JESUS!



Things are escalating on the front lines exponentially.  We have been in almost every major city this year in the mid-west and deep south.  We just returned from South Eastern Georgian and witnessed a phenomena.  The region gathered for three days to cry out to God for revival and harvest.  It was awesome.  On Sunday morning multiple churches and its members gathered in a "field of dreams", an old base ball field where previous generations had played.  Under a tent and the open sky we worshiped and declared the Kingdom of God.  Cries of harvest and passion could be heard all weekend from so many.  We left as if we were leaving our home.  The good news is we will be returning to Ochlocknee, GA. July 4-6th.  If you can come make plans now to be a part of history.  Contact our host in GA. for directions and more info:  takeheart@alltel.net

See the flyer for our upcoming Washington D.C. rally below.  For us to be prophetically gathering in our nation's capitol at this junction is epic.  We will be setting a prophetic precedence each night to be followed by a an unleashing of grace and mercy to the streets.  We need warriors and intercessors to join with us.  We welcome you to D.C. June 19-22nd.  (see flyer below).  We will stand on the borders of our capitol and cry out for an unparalleled harvest in American and the world.  These current crisis' our only a dramatic stage set for harvest and salvation.  We need to leap through this window of divine opportunity and impact the world around us.  We cannot afford to just meet and "convene", we must take it to the streets each time we gather. 

Our Alaska intercessor/prophetic cruise from Seattle to Juneau Alaska is a once in a life time experience.  We have secured the most economical deal possible to enable people like me and you to change the world by our unified prayer.  We will be projecting and prophesying His heart into the Pacific Rim and the West Coast of the United States.  Christians from around the world will be joining with us Sept. 6th-13th. We are also planning an Alaska trip in July.  After our rally in International Falls, MN. we will be driving from MN. to AK.  Int. Falls, MN. was another epic crossroads.  We will be returning July 10-12th.  Contact us if you want to be a part of that.

I will be traveling to the Islands of Hawaii Aug. 27-31st, the island of Kona.  Alaska and Hawaii are key and strategic land masses that will be playing a even more definitive role in our spiritual future.  These are "ancient gates" that are highly coveted by both good and evil.  We need to focus our prayers on these gates and pray for His perfect will to be accomplished.  Satan cannot stop us.  He can slander us, ruin our "reputations" that we fight so intensely to keep.  He can divide us and cause factions and misunderstanding, but he knows he cannot stop this awesome end time harvest that is the apple of the Father's eye.  We must endure hardship as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

We are always needs strategic financial warriors like Joseph in the Old Testament to partner with us.  We do not demand offerings.  Often we take none.  We have no set prices or fees.  This is ministry not business.  We operate because you help us and partner with us.  I am traveling full time with 2 other young men.  Scotti Coles from Edmonton Canada has joined us for the year.  Scotti is a passionate warrior and musician.  Once a amateur body builder and athlete he now throws himself into the harvest with passion and energy!  We operate still in Nashville. TN.  If you desire to be a financial warrior with us or simply want to pray for us go to this web link and get the whole scoop today: www.consumingfire.com/partnersforharvest.htm . Alone we fail, together we take the world for Christ...

Yours for Him,  Chad Taylor


It was the most overwhelming view of harvest that I have ever witnessed. Someday we will comprehend the measure of what we are participating in now - in this lifetime. Words can not describe or capture it. In Mardi Gras, the largest outdoor party in the world, we saw the raw awesome harvest of humanity. And to think this was only a fragment of it? It was ugly, beautiful, and shocking all at the same time. We saw every form of vulgarity and ludeness but this only served as an extreme contrast to His love for them/us.

We are planning this year for Mardi Gras 2004. If you desire to participate contact us now. Our strategy is to lease a balcony on Bourbon Street. The balconies "run the show" as they throw out the beads that are the blood of Mardi Gras. We have to reach them right in the guts of what is going on there. We want to get beads produced that have scripture references and "Jesus loves you" on them and anoint and pray over every one. The people will be marked the entire time in New Orleans by God's love! Let me know if you have any ideas or connections to make this strategy a reality.

We are anxious to get to Ft. Lauderdale Florida in ten days, one of the most popular and largest Spring Break locations. Tens of thousands of youth will be in mass here for one week. I will be there with many more teams from around the nation and world. I also have been connecting with Luis Palau and their ministry outreach during this time in Ft. Lauderdale. (See more about Beach Fest here -www.gospelcom.net)

We need some prayer and support to make it to Florida. These kind of undertakings are intense. They take up ALL of our energy and efforts. I wish you could see what I see. I am really trying to convey it through this email group. I pray it somehow gets in you. I am reminded of this scripture as I write this: "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." (Gal 6:2). I feel this is what you are doing for me here and I for you in some way.


This is a question that I am asked often. One way is to pray. That is the most valuable gift you can give us. Two, you can come personally to these events and go to the streets with us! We will be in Auburn, NY., Washington D.C., Ft. Apache, AZ., International Falls, MN., Ochlocknee, GA., Baltimore, MD., Charlotte, NC., and many other places just this year. If you need more specific info. on any of these locations, email me. We are also planning and praying about going to Ozzfest a huge "woodstock" type of concert hosted by Ozzy Osborne, the Burning Man pagan festival, and other large public events.

Because we are not centering our ministry on "conferences" and traditional meeting settings, we are in need of partners and "underwriters" to enable me and my small team to go and harvest and share Jesus in these various locations. Will you partner with us and assist us to invade these places? You can give as a one time commitment or monthly. We have down-sized our living arrangements here in Nashville, TN. to "stream line" and use more of our resources to go and prophesy and share His love with this country. Now is the time! We need your help to even take one step out of the city. If you want to "put your hand to the plough" with us, then go to this link and connect: http://consumingfire.com/partnersforharvest.htm and find out how today. See you in the fields! Chad Taylor



By Chad Taylor

Feb. 1st this year, just a few days ago at this date, a friend and I went to downtown Nashville to walk and simply see what God would do. Little did we know what He was about to do... We began down on 2nd Ave and Broadway. We walked down in front of the famous Ryman Auditorium and then made our way back down Broadway to 2nd Ave in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. As we walked down 2nd Ave I impulsively stepped into a Psychic shop on the main street there.

I had been in this particular establishment one other time last summer and gave a word to a "customer" waiting in line for her tarot card reading. This time the psychic girl who had been reading tarot cards for ten years was sitting on a couch as we entered and asked if we wanted our cards read. I told her that I was "in the business" as well and gave "readings" or prophecies to people across the nation and even in other countries. She looked at me intently and said, "I'm very interested, you got my attention, tell me more..."

She asked me what "tools" I used to give these "readings". I told her I just simply relied upon prayer to God and vision or spiritual impressions to prophecy to people. I told her that my motivation was their destiny in God and to fulfill their calling here on this earth. I explained how Jesus spoke through His prophets and that really that was the gift she had in her, it was simply who we allowed to function in us through that gift, good or evil.

She then asked me a very powerful question. She asked if I would exchange readings! She wanted a prophetic word and did not feel she could just receive one for free so offered her services in exchange for a prophetic word! I agreed immediately. We have to understand that until we show the world something greater than their tarot cards and crystal balls they will never listen. This was God's chance to demonstrate His glory and grace.

We proceeded to go into the private back room where readings were done. My friend and I followed her there. She asked me, "Who first?" I told her to go ahead. She laid out the tarot cards and gave me a reading, pretty accurate considering the source. She was obviously anxious to get through her reading for me and move on to hers. There was such an urgency and almost pleading in her face for the truth.

After she finished I asked her if I could acknowledge God and pray which I then began to do. We proceeded to pray and give glory to Jesus Christ right there in the psychic's inner sanctum! When I opened my eyes she was intently staring at me, I began to prophesy to her for nearly ten minutes. God gave me very specific time lines and details about her family and future. She was shocked. At moments she teared up and looked like she was about to weep. God was demonstrating His power and love which far exceeded what she had been tapping into.

This is the precedence God is setting for evangelism. Simple forms and methods will not have a changing effect in an ever increasing supernatural and paranormal world. We have to DEMONSTRATE Jesus not just IMITATE Jesus. We have to walk in power and prophesy to a world of their future and destiny. This particular psychic was amazed at God's grace and accuracy. Something she could not achieve in her present state of spirituality. Pray for her and pray for the millions like her in your own cities seeking a greater experience...


Chad Taylor
Jul 22, 2002



We arrived in Cortez Colorado last week under the cover of night, covertly. This region is in the heart of Ute and Navajo country, also known as the “Four Corners” because of the four states that border there. Pastor Steve Coy and people from as far as Chicago were gathered. We knew these moments were precious. What occurred next was unexpected.


In the midst of prophetic worship and intercession I began to receive a vision and prophetic word. I saw an arm with a gun in it and I heard the Lord say “The arm of assassination will not touch the president. This Burning Bush will not be put out.” We began to intensely pray for our president and our nation. What began as just a meeting turned into a full scale battle for the White House and the nation.


During the course of prophecy the Lord showed a circle coming “full circle” or closing and revealed to us a finality for American and Vietnam. That a bridge would be built between these two countries and the healing would finally be complete. We entered into a strong intercession for Vietnam and her people.


Again during this time of prophecy and revelation I saw another war breaking out in the Middle East. Even more bitter than the one that was occurring now between Israel and the Pakistani’s. But this war would create an open door of mass evangelism into China and the entire Asian region. “A great door of utterance with many adversaries…”


During the course of the meetings another word came forth. That “Lazarus” or the church of the region was not dead but was only sleeping and the Lord was now re-awakening Her. Directly across from Pastor house where this word was given during private prayer there is a Mt. called by the natives, “The Sleeping Ute.” Legend has it that some day this sleeping mountain will awaken and the Ute Tribe will rise again. The night of our departure the Sleeping Ute was consumed with fire! A natural fire lit up the night as the heart or torso of the Sleeping Ute burned! A sign and wonder to what is about to happen to the region and Cortez Colorado.


As we have traveled extensively through the southern and mid-western states the last few months we have seen the fire of hope lighting up the midnight skies. The greatest harvest of souls the earth has ever experienced is about to explode around us. God is mending the nets and preparing the hearts of His people for this great draught. In the next few weeks and months we will be traveling to Auburn, N.Y., Cleveland, GA., Savannah, GA., Washington D.C., Mt. Olives, AL., and many other places pending. Contact us right away if you would like for us to come to your area. We will drive or whatever other means are possible to come and harvest with you. No place is too small, call us. It’s time to leave the “ninety-nine” for the one…


Every night we are leaving the weekly revival meetings, Monday thru Wed. in Ahoskie, NC to the streets of the city. A local tavern owner was so touched by the prayers of the those going out, he invited the worship band to play in the tavern Friday March 8th!  (This revival in Ahoskie, NC lasted for over a year and thousands came through this small southern town.  At one point I was ministering 6 days a week for months as an entire region was stuck by God).

This is revival folks! When the margin between church and street is erased. When the world and the church meet face to face and their is an expression and explosion of His power. Ahoskie is only a first fruits or forerunner to this happening everywhere and in every city. Pray for us as we march into the south with a message of reconciliation and harvest...

Chad Taylor


Passion For Harvest Report  (Boise ID. 2001)

 By Chad Taylor
 One word describes the weekend of Dec. 28th - 31st, Historical. We glimpsed the past, present and future in one glorious glance. (See a link to pictures below). A portrait of unity captured in the faces of Native Americans, Amish, African American, Irish, German, a conglomerate of color and creed. Missionaries from around the world shared their broken passion for the souls that God has sent them too. Each one downloading the love of God to hungry heart both young and old. Many responded to the call of missions and are even now planning excursions into the foreign field with those represented. The great cry of harvest was heard this weekend as the laborers pressed into mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus.
 Friday night the Holiday Inn filled with people from as far away Florida and Alaska. The Hurd family came from the Amazon jungle of Columbia to get a new infusion of passion as well as to pour it out to those attending. It was awesome to watch an entire Amish community join in the songs of revival and respond with fervency and intensity. A spontaneous foot washing ensued Saturday night led by predominately white and Native people washing the Amish's feet. Tears were not a few as we repented for our prejudice toward this precious people group. Elder Ben Horad of the Amish community responded to the repentance with his own and testified that this kind of historical reconciliation between the Amish and others had only occurred in Canada and now Boise Idaho...
 Saturday night also was marked by the Native American Shoshone/Bannock, Navajo dancers leading the assembly in native dance and worship in full regalia. Amish and native joined together in praise, a African American pastor was introduced to native drumming. A kaleidoscope of Christianity was put on display equipping the saints for works of ministry and missions. Every night was filled with prophetic praise and intercession. No other agenda but Jesus. The youth filled the front of the room with the radical nature of Christ. Jumping, leaping, dancing. Over 15 youth drove 14 hours to attend from Yuba City, California. They also led the troops into the streets of Boise Friday and Saturday night with saxophones, guitars and congas. The streets of Boise will never be the same and neither will we...
 Joey and Meredith Zamora from Tri-Cities, WA. brought current revelation of where we are at as the Body of Christ. Joey declared, "There were three different men in a boat during the storm, Jonah, Paul, and Jesus. One was swallowed up by the storm, one endured the storm, but Another controlled the storm... we are the church or generation who will control the storms of conflict and distress that come upon the earth. Invading the darkness with His love and power..." Suzan Hartman from Anchorage shared her harrowing stories of a mother of six with no job of her own and yet invading the cold mountains of Russia with the gospel. Literally defying life threatening experiences to take the love of Jesus to the children of Siberia. Over a thousand dollars was laid at her feet while she spoke, cried, and prayed for us for her next trip in the spring. A great harvest was swept in even as we listened and responded.
 Tedd Craven of the Order of the good Samaritan testified of his radical response to the call of Christ toward the thousands of Rainbow people that congregate in the national forests. From a privileged life as a youth with luxury calls and yachts to presently living in a bus with fourteen other converts traveling the nation outreaching! Testimony after testimony evoked thoughts of the early disciples and apostles who counted the cost of the cross and gave everything. Abandoning the upper-room invading the marketplace with the passion of Jesus Christ. This is the future as well for the modern day Church. Breaking out of the confinement of modern day mind sets and taking the streets back. This was reinforced nightly as upwards of 50 people converged onto downtown Boise.
 Theresa Griffith awed the crowd with her deep spiritual melodies played on numerous flutes. Her testimony of severe abuse and recovery was astounding. At the dawning of the New Year she led us in a Joan of Arch drama on the flute with real live characters and swords. We knew that after that night nothing would be the same. We could never go back to normal. Harvest was pressing in all around us, the call to true discipleship was resounding in our hearts. Time was of no essence, it was as if time was suspended in animation to get just one more soul saved. The longsuffering of Christ arrested us. Time stood still. Glimpses of nations and far away places paraded in front of us. The tears of reconciliation washed the shame of generations away.
 Kary Wilkinson of the Elijah List writes, 'The overall pervading presence and heart of God I think was the most profound thing. I have been to numerous (too many in fact) conferences. Ask anyone that knows me, I don't rave about it, ever! This was absolutely off the charts. I have never seen the level of focus and intensity just hit the ground running like we saw. It was truly divine, no man could have orchestrated such a thing. We were so dwelling in the shadow of the Almighty I just had to stand in awe and watch it all unfold. There was such a revelation of the sovereignty of God in all of the people who were there the events that led each of us to be there and all of the things that were in our lives up to that point seemed to all of the sudden be in the absolute hand of God. I know it always has been, there was just such a revelation of it. I could see things from 10 years ago coming into play that had laid dormant all that time seemingly lost and forgotten coming forth for such a time as this, mighty stuff!
 There was such a safety in the Spirit. Good healthy authority brings a release of power, remember the centurion. But it creates an atmosphere for all to walk in the Spirit and not get the snot kicked out of them. I am not terribly afraid to get after it in the Spirit if I see a cause, sometimes to my own detriment, I am learning to exercise more wisdom and discernment in that regard. But I have to tell you I have rarely entered into the level of intercession and warfare I did there and not suffered serious backlash. It was so covered that we just moved through and went on. Almost unheard of at a conference.
 The beauty of the unity was so expressive of the heart of God. What a gathering of diverse people and culture, this little microcosm of the body of Christ. I just have never seen it like this played out in harmony and real honor. Everyone seemed so interested in seeing the other succeed in bringing forth the Kingdom. An overall lack of self interest pervaded the atmosphere.' (end quote).
 Michelle Smith also of the Elijah List writes, 'This past weekend at the Passion For Harvest Conference in Boise Idaho was one of the most profound times I have witnessed. I have never seen the body of Christ functioning in such a capacity. This group of people have obviously been longing for the kingdom to further and for the body to come together in a new way. People were giving, accepting, and submitting to one another all the while allowing each other to do what they are called to do without the trouble of bringing down the barriers. The barriers were already down.
 The ministries and people represented there gave us a picture of who we are and what we are to do in the kingdom. Everything from the Amish to the Jew to the Native and Vietnam Vet all had a place to reveal Gods heart. All had a place to share and even one group could've been an entire weekend conference. Repentance was abounding, forgiveness was prominent and freedom was in constant motion. The freedom that cam through the people there was so imperative for the kingdom to advance and move and for the harvest of souls. This time together proved to be the body of Christ in action so the brokenhearted, the lost the dying and hurting who need love will come in to all they were created for...' (end quote).
 On Monday it was hard to depart and go our separate ways. But we all had the uncanny feeling that this was only the first of many such moments, of harvest and revival. Reconciliation and restoration. Repentance and salvation. That we are all a great army being assembled in these final moments of human history to fill the Father's House. We are the friends of the Bridegroom preparing the hearts of mankind for a great feast. A climax of prophetic destiny exploding in a twinkling of an eye. The plans are already in motion for a 2nd Passion for Harvest Rally March 27th - 31st, 2002 in Boise Idaho. Again we will pray that the harvesters will assemble for another rendezvous with eternity. We encourage you to begin making plans now to attend. No registration or money is necessary. "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price..." (Isa 55:1).
 Another attendee wrote, 'Chad, I can't tell you how much the conference has effected us. We really were blessed there and received from the Lord but the residual effects are still coming. The Lord keeps bringing to mind different people, people groups, ministries, and words that were there that weekend. I want to say thanks for your obedience and providing us a place to come, be fed, and worship with other "Jesus Freaks". We are looking forward to March.' (end quote).
 We are also strategizing with ministries in Albany, OR., Oakhurst, CA., and Tri-Cities, WA., to host Passion for Harvest Rallies. We will partner together to see revival and harvest. We dare not allow the epitaph of this generation be as Israel's was so long ago, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved..." (Jer 8:20). Contact us right away and will communicate and connect for the harvest of the ages. "Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war." (Prov 20:18).

"IT IS TIME TO TAKE THE CITY!"  (Report from Colorado Springs, CO. summer 2002)


Recently 8,000 people stood in the line to receive free hamburgers
and hotdogs.  Over 100 tons of free food was distributed to single
mothers and the fatherless as the local police blocked off one city                   
block downtown Colorado Springs.  Nicky Cruz, Ken Henderson, Melody
Green and Chad Taylor rallied the lost of Colorado into healing and
salvation and the church into the harvest.  Band after band filled
the stage as the echo of worship filled the downtown for blocks.

Dennis Rogers, pound for pound-- the worlds strongest man and Bill
Kazmaier, commentator from ESPN world's strongest man, exploded 
with feats of strength-- introducing the people to Christ.

Ken Henderson of "Soldiers for Jesus attempted" a world record of                             
breaking 16 bricks with his two forearms and head.  Dennis Rogers, at                                           
only 160 lbs. held 4 Harley Davidson's to a standstill with pure
supernatural strength.


The cry of harvest could be heard throughout Colorado Springs as the
regional churches laid aside personal agenda to reach the city.  Over
and over-- the same prophetic word was spoken, "IT IS TIME TO TAKE
THE CITY!"  Sunday morning at Springs Harvest Church, Dutch Sheets
declared the same words, "IT IS TIME TO TAKE THE CITY!"

The grace of God is being poured out unprecedented in modern history           
to accommodate the lost and bring the church into a position to
receive them.  After the weekend rally in the downtown Park June 1st
and 2nd, the feeling of revival was in the air.  To this date as I
write, June 25th, intercessors from across the city are partnering     
with pastors and leaders and meeting at the park to pray and stand in                                    
the gap for their city.


The word from the Lord is, "Occupy till I come..."  It is simple to
do an outreach, to impact and even save lives, but it is much more             
difficult to KEEP the ground that you are impacting!  To date, a door
has opened in Colorado Springs to occupy and own a large downtown   
historical building to have a base of operations for the Body of
Christ to outreach, heal, and evangelize the city.  A place where the         
city wide church has ownership to freely express the vision and gift
that God has given them.  A place where the lost can find an
immediate place of safety and deliverance from the harshness of every
day street life.  A place where the apostolic and prophetic
ministries can come together and have a greater influence and impact
on the general populace of the city.  A place for major food
distribution and charity where diverse ministries can merge into one
river to flood the city with His glory.

CINDY JACOBS WORD -- 24/7 PRAYER            

Cindy Jacobs had a vision of "24-7 prayer" coming FROM the downtown   
area and youth at the forefront of this prayer movement that will
impact the inner-city and instigate revival.


Joshua commanded in Joshua 6:16, "Shout!  For the Lord has given you
the city!"  The shout of the Lord is erupting from the hearts of His
people, "The Lord has given us the city!"  The Lord is putting cities
within reach of His church.  As we obey His commission to go into the
highways and bi-ways and begin to occupy downtown storefronts, parks,
taverns, business places and marketplaces, the glory of the Lord will
descend to apprehend the hearts of the prodigal and the lost.  Whole
cities will be swept up in only days and weeks-- as the church                                   
mobilizes Her efforts and energies on the harvest fields that stand
white and ripe.

Colorado Springs is only a model of what the Lord can do in cities
across the nation-- as prayer and evangelism are coupled together.


Dutch Sheets has expressed the vision to bring the Kettle to the
building and mobilize prayer for the nation.  The kettle is a three
hundred and fifty year old cast iron kettle passed down to Will Ford,
an African-American brother.  This kettle has been passed down
through the generations from his slave ancestors. These slaves were
owned by a cruel master who beat them if he caught them praying. (He
thought they were praying for their freedom.) In order to keep him
from hearing them, these slaves would turn this kettle upside down,
place it on four or five rocks to elevate it, then get down and pray
underneath it so that the kettle would absorb the sound of their
prayers. It turns out they weren't praying for their freedom at all,
but for future generations.

Read more about the Kettle tour at



By Pastor Chip Worthington  (Rohnert Park Assembly of God)

The valley between the streets and the church was filled by the Holy Spirit.  We saw people of all ages on the streets sharing their faith last week. We scheduled Chad Taylor for a series of meetings at Rohnert Park Assembly of God this month. Starting Sunday night we invited a number of churches to attend, the Santa Rosa Vineyard canceled their services to join us .  After so many renewal speakers I was discouraged to have experienced good meetings where everyone was touched, but also where many left with a "bless me" attitude and nothing in the city was changed.  My prayer was that something radically different would happen and it did!


As Chad shared his heart about the Lord of the Harvest , I noticed historical references to revival in his speaking.  As he spoke of past revivals my heart was stirred as I remembered the Jesus movement of the 70's and the spontaneous witnessing on the streets that occurred as a result.  After Sunday morning's meeting, we challenged the church to come again Monday at 11:00 AM and nightly at 7:00PM to be equipped to go out on the streets to practice and give away the anointing that they had received.  (Pastor Chip was one of the board members for the Jesus West Coast concerts and was intimately involved with the Jesus Movement as well as close friends with many of the key leaders of that revival such as Keith Green and others). 


On Monday night we decided to go to the courthouse square in Santa Rosa 7 miles north of Rohnert Park.  I really didn't expect much to happen as the weekends are usually when the streets fill up.  We were overwhelmed to say the least at what occurred that night.  God filled the empty streets with hungry people. Chad had taught us to be natural and just start talking, hang out and be real. Our group of 40  to 50 was composed of all ages, mom's with babies, teens, children, dads, about 50% grandmas and senior citizens. Every person began to share their faith with power. 

We literally took possession of the land and a massive part of the downtown area had the river running through it!  Everyone prayed with the homeless, the lonely, the rejected and our group was full of joy. On  a Monday night some stayed way beyond 10PM until after midnight . Now this was after a busy weekend of
services .  One of my elder's, Steve Lindbeck took Monday off from work and he said,  "I
can't miss this blessing!"  Steve is a quiet guy, a paper pusher, now he is on fire for God!


In a morning session, before hitting the streets, children came forward and spontaneously started sharing about harvesting angels coming to the meetings to empower us to preach to the city and the lost!  In a few minutes the room was charged with the presence of God.  Ray Smith, a pastor from Boise that had accompanied Chad  to CA. was hit with God's power. He moved from the center aisle of the church backwards on his back 50 feet into our church lobby.  He shared that his faith was supercharged and that this was the same anointing that he had felt in the old time revivals as a child with A.A. Allen and William Branham.  The river was flowing out of the church into the streets!


Heidi is a 70 year old lady that attends our church.  We also went to a teen hang out
across from our local High School in Rohnert Park.   Heidi came to the 4 morning sessions to receive a healing from fear. She was so terrified about crime she hardly even ventured out of her  own house. She received a impartation of boldness and became a warrior for God. She literally charged into groups of Highschool teens and invited them to our Jam night on Wednesday!  Every day at noon she was 
sharing her faith with teens 55 years younger!

Chad taught us to ask people that we meet if there was just one thing that we could pray for them for.

After the week of meetings with Chad I started sharing these principles with the congregation on Sunday. One of my ladies heard this and went to a son of a city official who had been in a tragic auto accident. His best friend was paralyzed and he was crushed. As this lady prayed God came into this teens hospital room.  The family was overwhelmed with God's presence,  "Did you feel that?!"  they exclaimed.


There is a real book of Acts thing happening here in Rohnert Park, CA.  The flow of renewal and revival is going beyond the four walls.  Remember when Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev, 'Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!'  Well the four walls of my church have been torn town and the gap between the streets 
and the altar is almost non existent.  We are committed to a Holy spirit service where we will worship, pray
for the sick, and then hit the streets every week and RELEASE what we have been receiving. "Freely received freely give..."


It has been over 23 years since I have seen such a release of anointing to
share in the public square.  The Jesus movement was mainly youth, this is,
whatever you want to call it, a true fulfillment of Joel's prophecy where all ages experience the latter rain with power not only to the church, but also to the neediest ones on the streets.  God is moving in California! 

Pastor Chip Worthington , yes at 55 I still surf.



By Pastors Mike and Marie Cantwell

Second week in November, Jesus came by and kissed His Bride in the San Mateo County (San Francisco Bay Area, California). Chad Taylor came and ministered to us for a 3 day weekend.  Friday night we kicked it off with Pastor Ziad @ Christian Arabic Church in Burlingame, Ca. The worship band from Church @ Home in Montara lead us in worship under the leadership of Ben Patterson and his brothers, how refreshing it was to see so many young people willing to use their talents for God!

We worshiped for quite a while that night and a few folks got a prophetic word. The next day we had an evangelism training @ Peninsula Christian Center in Redwood City, Ca. where the team met and was ministered to thoroughly...children and young people were affirmed in their faith, and then we went to the streets of Redwood City...some to a local shopping mall. By evening time we gathered at Harvest Christian Center of Redwood City, worshipped, danced, laughed and cried as the San Carlos Vineyard worship team lead us under the leadership of Paula Antonelli, what a gift Paula and her team brought to the table that night! By then the momentum started picking up as many more churches were represented...some with dancers...some with banners...wow!..

How beautiful is the Body of Christ! Chad shared his testimony that night and after understanding his background, we appreciated even more what great work our God was doing through him! We then perceived we had a revivalist among us....they ended going back out in the streets...to a bar in particular where they were welcomed and all were deeply touched! The people rejoiced and even invited them back to their bar!

Sunday morning Chad ministered to our congregation @ Harvest Christian Center of Redwood City and so many people got a prophetic word from the Lord. The Holy Spirit worked through Chad in an amazing manner...the words were pointed, specific and accurate...the people realized ONLY God could have shown Chad these things about them. Chad also met with our leadership in the afternoon and we experienced a deep repentance across the board! We felt clean, accepted, ready to take on whatever it was our Lord had for us.

By Sunday night the atmosphere was "charged". Benji Cantwell and his band lead us in worship and took us to another level at Peninsula Christian Center, R. City, Ca. ..several pastors and their spouses came, prayed, repented, shouted, cried and laughed and yes...some of them even danced! The music was beyond this world...Chad took time to minister to every pastor who had come. We were so blessed to see them blessed as we have been working for years for UNITY in our County among the Shepherds. All the pastors agreed that we had a "breakthrough"!

By the end of the Mobilizing The Church For Harvest Conference, everyone involved had a testimony as to how our God used them on the streets!!! We are encouraged and so grateful to have been the blessed recipients of one of Jesus' great gifts to the Body of Christ.

Pastors Mike and Marie Cantwell -- Harvest Christian Center of Redwood City, California.




Anchorage explodes!  The youth are intoxicated under the influence of the Holy Ghost, still drunk and on fire Sunday morning as we combined forces with the main adult service at Anchorage Christian Center.  Saturday night was a divine appointment with destiny as Chad Taylor and Todd Bentley took the stage at the historic Anchorage Christian Center.  Destiny Impacted every moving breathing soul!  Here is what one young man testified,

"Dude, I went to the last day of Destiny Impact!! (I forgot about it until Sunday man!)  IT WAS SO AWESOME.....PRAISE GOD FOR CHAD TAYLOR AND TODD BENTLEY.  I saw  the miraculous before my eyes and the power of God like in your dreams man.....and I am changed by it too. I will not be the same, I walked away with a new knowledge of God and my victory in Jesus Christ. but the best part is, I have been walking it out, BY CHOICE! praise God." (Mark Stewart).

We started the night with a "tunnel of fire", as a human tunnel of hands and bodies formed a Holy Ghost runway!  The children as well as the adults pressed in to be prayed for and go through the "tunnel of fire!"  Then the unexpected happened!  The Holy Spirit moved on the youth in a unprecedented way.  They huddled in groups of four and five for hours laughing and weeping as the Spirit washed over them.  One man came addicted to drugs and testified publicly of his deliverance with absolutely NO withdrawals.

Prophetic song began to flow as the Spirit invited the audience into a holy dance, "Could I have this dance?  Would you take the chance?  Would you dance with Me?  Will you let Me set you free? Give you liberty?  Could I have this dance?"  No one was left in the pew Sunday morning as the youth prayed and released the Spirit of revival to the adults and main congregation.  The children line up at the altar to lay hands on the throng of adults desiring a touch from the Lord.

Sunday night exploded with divine healings.  One lady born deaf in one ear, began to scream and holler as her ear popped open!  Again, the youth were released under the unction of Todd Bentley to pray for the sick and diseased.  Another young teen was baffled and could not speak as his left ear that was deaf began to open under the hands of teens praying for him!  An older woman with cancer, who not able to stand correctly or more than a few feet unassisted, fell to the floor with cries and sobs and rose up to walk quickly back and forth across the sanctuary!  She reported her pain was gone!  The doctors had given her very little chance to live.  Severe back problems were healed as the youth and Todd Bentley prayed.  People moved and jumped after prayer, doing things they were unable to do before.  One more testified of God's grace this weekend,

"Saturday night and Sunday night we went into Anchorage to attend a meeting which was really centered around youth but there were a few of us "old" folks there too.

My 10 year old son got baptized in the Holy Spirit on Sat. night and sat on the floor in front of the platform for over an hour with his hands raised crying steadily. While we were laying hands on him I was praying that his life would be changed and he would never be the same. I also prayed that he be given the desire to become a preacher. On the way home he told us that he wanted to be like Benny Hinn.  My wife, a teacher who has been having some problems with her principal and is in danger of not being retained for next year, was standing up toward the front when the evangelist came and began praying over her. He then said, not knowing anything about her, "Let her continue to teach Lord." Then she went down and stayed down for a long time. He came up to me and prophesied saying that those who I lay hands on and pray over it will be like anointing oil being poured over their heads and running down.

On Sunday night the youth were then told to begin praying for those lined up for their healing. I found my son and told him to stick like glue to the evangelist, to lay hands on everyone he did and ask God for their healing. He stuck like glue the whole evening laying hands on everyone praying for their healing and also got prayed for a couple of times. Toward the end he was sitting on the floor kind of off to the side looking somewhat dazed and I was telling the evangelist what he had said about wanting to be like Benny Hinn. The evangelist went over to him and put his hands on each side of my son's head and prayed, "Lord, bring this boy into the ministry." Over he went, out. Praise God.

During the prayer time I begun working with the kids praying for people. We came to a lady who had one deaf ear, total deafness. I put my hand over her ear and we began praying. Then I prayed, "I bind the spirit of deafness in this ear and rebuke it. Spirit of deafness come out in the Name of Jesus. I loose hearing into this ear in the Name of Jesus." Her ear was opened and she could hear. I was awe struck. My spirit was saying, "Well what do you expect, of course she got her hearing back. Duh!" My flesh was jumping up and down. I have prayed for hurt backs and various other stuff that have been healed but for an ear to open up right under my hand. I'm still awe struck. What a wonderful God we have. I know I didn't have anything to do with it other than pray and that God did it so all honor, praise and glory to Him!!! Still, I can't get over it! Praise be to our God who is our healer!!!!! On another lady arthritis pain went away and she said she was feeling good. I also held her ankles which were very swollen and it felt like the swelling went down right as I was holding on and praying.  An hour or so later I asked how her ankles were and she said they felt good. Praise be to God again and again and again!!!!!"

Yesterday I was dancing, singing and praising all morning. I think I was still slightly drunk on the Holy Spirit when I went to bed. I know I have an anointing for healing and every one also tells me that. I have seen people get up out of wheel chairs, eyes opened and other wonders in meetings so I am not surprised but to actually have it happen under my hands is exciting. I want to shout to the hills what the Lord has done. All praise and honor to our God who made the hills!! (Chris Converse)

Saturday morning we held a training class concerning evangelism and healing.  Then we promptly went to the Anchorage Mall and released teams into the crowds!  All over the food court you could see Christian youth and adults engaging strangers in deep conversation and prayer.  4 souls were confirmed saved and earnestly prayed for salvation in the Mall!  GLORY!  It is certainly harvest time!  Please pray for us as we launch into another conference May 18th-21st.    Chad Taylor




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