World Prayer Center – Global Harvest Ministries

Colorado Springs, CO


Chad Taylor - 5/30/01

(This was given to Chad while in the Global Harvest Ministries offices at the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs...)


I see a great ship of GRACE, like an ocean liner in the deep ocean, like the ones that are usually bringing supplies or huge amounts of resources, exporting & importing goods to different nations.  They cross great oceans and seas, from continent to continent, and they bring incredible tons of goods & resources.


And this ship of GRACE is cresting and breaking waves.  There’s great white water behind the ship.  And it’s forging its way over oceans and seas, and into continents and realms.  On the side of the ship I see “WORLD PRAYER CENTER” and flags & banners of different ministries, and insignias upon the ship.


I see on the horizon, from the deck at the point of the ship in the direction it’s going, I see great mountains.  I hear a cry coming from different parts of the ship—a cry of turning.  And there’s a slight adjustment in the rudder of the ship.  And there’s a 90-degree turn in this ship.  It’s not a dramatic thing—it’s not a 180 degrees; it’s not a total turnaround of 360 degrees.  It’s just a slight change of direction—a 90-degree turn to the left.


As the ship begins to turn, it’s a large ship, so it doesn’t turn quickly.  It doesn’t turn sharply.  But as this ship begins to adjust its direction and the compass begins to move, as it turns, the horizon begins to change.  To the right we still see the great mountain peaks on the horizon, and even some snow-capped mountain peaks.  But as it turns to the left 90-degrees, as this adjustment takes place, I see a great city on the horizon in the skyline.


And I see the point of this ship begin to turn toward CITIES.  The peaks and mountains were mountains of revelation, and visions from heaven.  And they’re still in the peripheral view from the ship, but the direction of the ship is turning toward cities.  It’s turning toward landmark and monumental places of population and CITIES.  It’s the slight adjustment of focus and intensity of vision.


And I see this great ship of GRACE plowing toward these cities.  The cry from the ship is “TRANSFORMATION!”.   The cry is “REVIVAL!”

The cry from the ship is “HARVEST!” 


I see the decks of this ship begin to fill, as the people are coming out of the catacombs of the ship, the offices, and places of strategy, the think tanks and the prayer-tanks.  I see them coming out in great anticipation & great expectation.  They’ve seen the mountains & peaks of revelation so much it’s almost become regular or monotonous, they’ve retired to their different places of ministry and strategy in the catacombs of the ship.  But, as this slight 90-degree adjustment takes place, and as the horizon begins to change and as the cities loom ahead of the ship—a great expectation races through the catacombs of the ship.  Everyone from the lowest part of the depths of the ship, from the janitor to the Captains and officers of the ship, there is a great anticipation as the horizon begins to change! 


And as cities become looming & pending upon this ship, people are filling the deck of the ship in the open air—you can feel the salt waves and hear the crashing waves.  And the waves are growing larger.  The waves are growing larger.  And this shoreline and skyline of cities is looming ahead of this ship.


And the Lord would say that the TRANSFORMATION and the REVIVAL and the HARVEST will now be the cry.  What will take place is the mountains of revelation are turning towards the cities.  They’re turning toward the ghettos, the street corners, turning towards the great army of David that are waiting in the fields, the 11th hour army, waiting to be hired—waiting to fill many ships.  God says there are many ships that this ship will reproduce.  Many ships that God desires to loose from the harbors of these great cities.  Great armies ready to facilitate and to inhabit these great ships of grace.  Many, many, many ships of grace like this World Prayer Center, and the many ministries that inhabit the catacombs of offices and hallways, and corridors of this ship.


But there is a great expectation unlike it has been for many years, like the first year of the place, of this ship as it first sailed into the sea. And I still see the peaks of revelation—they loom over the city, but the focal point of the ship is no longer the peaks of revelation, the high places of vision, but they’re going to the low places to make the low places high.  And the high places are becoming low.  The revelation is beginning to erupt from these great mountains, and beginning to flow into these city streets into the highways & the by-ways.  And there’s a great command coming from heaven to the Captains of the ship.  And they’re saying “Go out quickly into the highways and the by-ways and compel them to come in.  For those that I invited the first few years did not come, so I’m sending you to the lame & the lost, the blind, the derelict, the decadent, the outcast, the misfits, the ones in debt, the ones that have been cast out of David’s city.  I’m sending you to them in this hour. I’m sending you to them.  And there is a great cry of TRANSFORMATION from this ship of grace.


And there’s a great harbor waiting for you—a great harbor in these cities.  And I see directly in reference to this ministry and to this place great transformations, as God puts cities in your hearts.  I see teams being mobilized—teams of Prophetic Evangelists, Apostolic Evangelists, prophets, being released from this World Prayer Center, from this ship of grace, bridging the gap between nations, between “Jerusalem and Samaria”, bridging the gap between the church and the street.  The World Prayer Center is not only a peak of revelation, but it’s becoming a river of glory and revival into the streets.  And even ancient streets.  I see cities; the boardwalks and stones of these cities are ancient walkways and thoroughfares where for decades and centuries people have walked.  Ancient portals, that when you pray from those places you speak to the history, the present, and the future all at once.  They’re “star gates” so to speak—portals of great awakening, great awakening.


And I see the Lord saying spiritual awakening is on the horizon.  That a great spiritual awakening somewhat parallel to Matthew 21 that when Jesus entered the city, the whole city was moved.  And they began to say to one another “Who is this?”  Whole cities will be moved and begin to say, “Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?  Who is this ship of grace, who are these people?”  And it won’t necessarily be from Conferences and rallying points—it will be a sovereign spiritual awakening that will set the stage and set the harbor for this ship of grace, and many ships of grace to take dock in these places.  And they’ll be waiting—they won’t need to be awakened, they’ll already be awakened,  And they’ll be poised and positioned for harvest, similar to the shepherds in the field by night on the eve of Christ’s birth.  And there was an open heaven.  Open heavens will begin to occur over these cities as these shepherds and sheep are poised and positioned for Harvest.


So Lord, we just pray in Jesus Name as this 90-degree adjustment takes place.  Lord, we know the mountains of revelation are still in peripheral view, but in the focal point our focus and our greatest intensity and desire will be for the cities—the great cities.


I see Japan. I see Japan. I see Japan in a monumental way for this ship of grace.  I see Japan in the horizon, in the cross hairs of the vision of this ministry.  I see great cities, such as Japan (Tokyo?), epic cities, monumental cities, landmark cities, on the road to revival.  They are landmarks on the road to spiritual awakening.  Literally Global Harvest is God’s view.


God would say stir up the first love, stir up the first works, for there are things that are on the shelf—visions that are still written down in the file that have not been fulfilled yet.  Dreams & revelations & prophecies that are still filed away, even from the beginning of this ministry—and even before this ministry was birthed, the things that are the cornerstones of this ministry, things filed away on floppy disc, and even hard-drive, and files in the catacombs of this ministry.  Those are the very prophecies that are about to come to pass.  Those epic things are about to be unveiled and unfurled, and are going to begin to come to pass.


So Father we say let this come. Let this come. Let this come. Let this come. Let this come. Let this come. Let this come.  Cities.  Cities are the landmarks are the road to revival—they are you landmarks.


In Jesus mighty Name…


I also see a great grace coming upon Conferencing.  I hear the Lord saying, “Conference will now become Confrontation”  And the Conference will begin to confront the world with His Grace, His Love and His Mercy.  And God says that there’s even going to be a means of grace and strategy to take the conference literally to the street.  To take the “upper room” into the marketplace.  And God will begin to give a grace and an unction and an empowerment to take the upper room into the street, where the whole city will begin to inquire—what is this sound we’re hearing?  Not just on radio, not just in pamphlets, in newsletters, on internet web pages that are hard to capture and understand, but literally the sounds of the mouths of those that speak, the sounds of their voices will be heard by the Jordan.  And the city will come out to hear—the city will begin to inquire “What is this sound?—what is this thing we are hearing?”  The “upper room” will begin to be injected and radically implemented into the marketplace.


God says, I’m going to give a grace and mercy, and empowerment for the upper room to invade the marketplace—for the conference to begin to confront.  And the whole city, even as Jerusalem, will be confronted with God’s Grace, His Cross, and His Love.  Even by this grace of conferencing for the streets, literally thousands and compounded thousands will be saved at these conferences.  Literally, Apostolic in-gatherings will bring in thousands even in the midst of the Deliverance Conferences and the things on the agenda calendar in this hour.  God will give a grace and wisdom and revelation to bridge the gap, so to speak between “Jerusalem & Samaria”.  And the whole city will begin to inquire, “What is this sound?”  Not just captured in print, or tape, or book, or Internet, but in person says the Lord—in face to face confrontation with the world.  God will give a wisdom for Conference to begin to confront even in this place, in this city where it will be within reach of the world.  Within reach of the city.  Within reach of the common man, the common place and the common person.  There will be an adding to, there’ll be such a perpetual move of God, there will be an adding to the church daily, as the Conference begins to confront the world.  God says, a grace will be given for this.

A grace will be given for this. In Jesus Name.