Yugoslavia: My Resting Place

Chad Taylor

I have not forgotten Yugoslavia says the Lord. I remember their labor of love and their persecution for My people. In this hour I will pour out on their own children, and their children's children. I will reward them for their love for Israel. In this hour I will pout out a Spirit of renewal and restoration. I will restore the land and the wealth that the wicked stole. I will say to the hand of the task masters, "GIVE UP!" And the arm of the wicked, "LET GO!" Your children shall taste the waters of Liberty and be glad.

I will appear to your government officials and magistrates. Those that make the law and break the law. I will appear in their bed chambers and offices with My heart and righteous judgments. I will break the arm of prejudice in you and the roots of bitterness. They are not your inheritance Yugoslavia, and in this hour your true intentions and destiny shall come forth. I will hasten it to come to pass. Even with the youth I will lead you into My perfect Liberty. I will raise up the foolish and unlearned to confound the mighty, noble and wise.

I will remove the chains of social and economical slavery. I will remove the burden of your forefathers from your children's backs. Again you will be the friend of Israel and a refuge for the nations. That is your destiny, that is My purpose for you. To be a refuge for the nations. A strong tower for the outcast. A haven from the storms of political unrest and controversy. I will make you a Christian nation. One ruled by the law of God and the Love of Christ. I will tear down the walls of un-tempered mortar that the hands of men have built. And I will rebuild the walls of My Kingdom in you. Watch and see says the Lord, watch and see...

I will raise up an army of disciples and apostles in you. Ambassadors of Christ, minister's of reconciliation. They will enter the land with a sound of preparation and restoration. They will restore the years that the locust of war have devoured. Mighty peacemakers will come from you Yugoslavia. Peacemakers that will be called the Children of God. You will stand before kings and presidents with a word from the Lord. Kingdoms and nations will move at the sound of your voice and the wisdom of your words. This is the hour of your visitation says the Lord, the hour of your visitation...

I will visit your streets and your hedges. I will raise up the downcast and broken by war and unrest. I will bring the David's from the fields of obscurity and they will sit in the chambers of kings. I will take them out of the dung hill to sit with princes. I will give them power over diseases and economical dilemmas. They will bring a word of Joseph that will break the years of plagues and famine in regions and nations. I will send them to the ends of the earth with My message of healing and deliverance.

I will break down the ancient walls of divisions that have separated and segregated My church in Yugoslavia. They will experience a Pentecost and the nations will hear of it and be saved. In this hour I will build a bridge of revival between the Churches and they will come to and fro in revival and harvest. They will progress past the centuries of division in a moment of time. I will hasten these things to come to pass says the Lord. I will hasten these things to come to pass. For this is the day of visitation.