By Chad Taylor (10-15-02)

For now the days have dawned that this great state will take it's place
amongst the generals of revival and reform.  I will elevate and escalate her
to a place of prominence and influence amongst the nations.  She will now
sit with the Pharaohs and Presidents and speak of things to come.  For in
Alaska lies the destiny of millions.  Now the light of current events will
draw these treasures out of darkness.

Her children will be called blessed.  The ancient and archaic curses that
have subjected this generation to its bondage will be broken.  I will take
her children from the fiery furnace of alcoholism and death to sit with
princes.  The dark night of Alaska's soul is over says the Lord.  The dark
night of her soul is over.

Business men and women will rise from obscurity in this place.  They will
emerge from the villages and streets with a witty invention and a vision.
It will shape governments and economies.  It will turn the tide of drought
to abundance.  The light of Alaska will light up the sky in America's
darkest hour.  It will be an ensign of the glory to come.  A sign-post of
the Hope of Glory.

The hidden resources of Alaska will now be revealed.  Arch-angels stand at
the entries and ports of Alaska to protect what is within.  Alaska will be
called Joseph in these troubled times.  She will be moved with wisdom and
established in power.  She will be a crown upon Canada's and America's head.
A river of hope in a season of drought.

Many will be called to the soil and shores of Alaska in this hour.  Key
figures that will establish her in the annals of history.  Historians,
professors, politicians, business men and women, doctors, lawyers,
inventors, and presidents.  They will come to Alaska to call her blessed.
Like Abraham to Isaac the patriarchal blessings will be secured.

The ancient land bridges will be opened again.  Angels that have held the
keys to these nations for centuries will now release them to My church.
They will open these ancient gates and the King of Glory will come in.
Alaska will be a staging ground for the launching of millions into this
great present day harvest.  Multitudes in the valley of decision will turn
to salvation in Alaska's revealing.

For Alaska is on a precipice of possibility.  She is on the  edge of her
destiny peering over into the dark waters below.  She will walk on the
billows and waves of present crisis and declare a perfect and good way.  She
will be a light in the darkness and a lamp to America's feet.  She will
shout from the rooftop of religion; reformation and revival.  Now is the
hour of Alaska's revealing.  Now is the day of her destiny.

Chad Taylor