Jesus Still Bleeds

By Chad Taylor

Everyday they stare at you from their corners on the streets,
The homeless and the destitute, hungry and begging for something to eat.
Their blank stares and hollow eyes just seem to look right through you,
As you hastily pass them by not knowing what to say or do...

You can see her every night, restless on 4th and Main,
It's so obvious the scars, the rejection and the pain.
She aimlessly walks on down the road,
Abandoned with nowhere to call home. All alone.

The little boy's face is so dirty,
He couldn't me more than four,
As the church walks by all of Heaven now implores-
"Reach out! Reach out! Reach out!"

Show them that someone cares!
In all of your religion and revelation,
let them know that Jesus is there!
To heal them, to love them, to make them whole.
I tell you now My church,

The prisoner paces, restless and confused,
In an 8x10 box, rejected and abused.
Tattoos parade up and down his arms,
Reminding him everyday, of the mistakes and the scars.

The widow lays there staring from her room,
Unable to walk, unable to move.
Praying that someone would come to ease the pain,
Hoping and praying for a friendly face.
"Pure religion and undefiled is this,
To visit the widow and the orphan in their distress."

Even today He walks the streets, Even today Jesus still bleeds,
Crying out to you and me,
"GO! GO! GO!
When will the church finally see,
That when they do it to them,
They are doing it to Me?

When will they realize,
That religion is a cheap disguise,
For the children to have to die.
They have to see them through their Father's eyes.
Love no longer compromised...

Today I saw Jesus
In an old woman's eyes,
I saw the glory of the Father
In the widow and the despised,
And I suddenly realized,
Why He died...

She looked at me and said,
"No one has visited me in so many years,
No one has ever considered my pain and my tears.
But what you've said today I will never forget,
The price a Man paid for my sin and my debt..."

Jesus still bleeds for the least of these...


Chad Taylor (7/17/99)
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