I Will Blow Upon Chicago
By Chad Taylor
Written in the Chicago O'hara Airport Feb. 6th, 2002
A fire of revival is coming to Chicago. I will rekindle the revival coals in Chicago.  I will uncap the well and begin to compel a generation to the throne of grace. The law could see my back but grace can see my face.  This will be a generation that seeks My face says the Lord.  I will give them eyes to see what other generations could not see.  I will give them wings like an eagle and they invade spiritual wickedness in high places.  They will possess heavenly places.
Chicago is a hearth of My heart and I will stir her.  I will disturb the waters of Bethesda and many will be healed.  A great well of healing will begin to spring forth in Chicago.  Many will come to touch the Son with healing in His wings.  I will give into the hands of children this great gift.  Into the hands of the uncomely and unrecognized shall I move to a greater degree.  I will set the captive free.  I will give this city My liberty.  I will undo heavy burdens placed by a previous generation, I will open the prison doors that the past has secured.  I will pour out My Spirit on your sons and daughter O Chicago.
I will move upon governmental seats of authority.  I will turn the hearts of kings like water.  I will erase the lines of corruption that have traced themselves on the faces of your youth.  I will do a new thing.  I take out the heart of stone and put in a heart of flesh.  They will lean upon My breast and know My heart.  I will give them My heart says the Lord, I will give them My heart.  Awake O sons daughters!  This is the day of you visitation! 
I will give you back your land.  I will break the generational curse that has overshadowed you.  You will hide under the shadow of the Almighty.  Nations will call you blessed and industry shall abound.  I will create in you a clean heart and a right spirit.  I will pour out the oil of unity on your head and anoint your mouth to speak My words.  You will ask and I will give the heathen as your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth as your possession.  This is a chosen generation says the Lord, a chosen generation.
I will put a prophetic and evangelistic oil on you.  You will prosper in the market place and the public place.  The prayers you have prayed in secret I will now reward you openly.  I will bring justice and reconciliation.  Restoration and revival.  Many people in high places will repent of the sins of their forefathers and the land will be healed says the Lord, the land will be healed.  I will open up the fountains of the deep and living water will flow.  I will rain down righteousness where once corruption prevailed.  The gates of hell will be removed as I move through you O Chicago.
Now is the time to advance.  Now is the time to gather in the people, to sanctify the congregation.  Let young and old come under the tabernacle of My presence.  Let the weak say I am strong and the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us.  Let the streets of Chicago resound with singing.  Let the tomb of Lazarus be open in this hour.  Let the discontent and those in debt come to My table says the Lord and I will feed them there.  Let the widow and the orphan find a place of honor in My house.  Let My strength be imparted to the weakest part.  Let the river flow O Chicago!  Let the river flow!

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