A Cry for Destiny

By Chad Taylor


This is a generation that longs for demonstration not imagination. They want the real thing. You must meet them where they are, not where you are. We must take down the advertisements we so proudly fly that say, "You come to us on our terms or do not bother coming at all... We are right, you are wrong... You must see Jesus as we see Him or you just can't have Him... You will dress like us, act like us, and most certainly believe like us..."

It is no wonder we are losing a whole generation to animated heroes on T.V. and con men on the street corners! We have built a steeple that is to high to attain to! We have taken the manger and built a cathedral! All the while they perish as we continue to build higher, higher, and higher... As they sink in the mire of religion and apathy, never knowing who they are and why they were born. We must, before millions more perish in hopelessness, condescend to these of low estate and give them the reality of Christ. In all Its blood and guts, scourging and mocking, death and resurrection. We must take off the mask of doctrinal indifference and reveal to them the scars...

Now, now is the time to shout down the fortified walls of clerical callousness and cry out "GRACE, GRACE!" To this mountain of sin that threatens to landslide our youth into oblivion. We must go to them NOW and show them a Christ that is living and breathing and filled with compassion for their future. We must cast off the starched collar of religion and bleed as He bled for their lives and souls. Who will give heed to this? Who will give ear to the time to come? Who will sweat and bleed for the least of these? Who will give ear to the cry of the orphan and widow? Will we stand by idle and dumb as the die? Will the ox fall into the pit of despair as we rest? Or will we rise up in vehement desire to see them saved and redeemed? Or must we hear the words of the Master, "I never knew you..."

It is a time of passion. Passion for the Heart of the Father. Passion for His desire, to hear the cry of His heart and respond, "HERE AM I, SEND ME!" A milling scuffling shifting tide of humanity awaits are quickening. Awaits the man, the woman, the child, that says, "I am crucified with Christ... It is no longer I that live but He that lives in me..." How long will we wait to fulfill the ministry He has entrusted us with? Paul said he was TRUSTED with the gospel he preached! And woe to him if he did not preach it!

When will we shake off the dust of church policy and invade a desperate dying world with His blazing love and compassion? Who will seek the favor of God more than the fading fake favor of man? Paul was bold to proclaim, "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? FOR IF I STILL PLEASED MEN, I WOULD NOT BE A BONDSERVANT OF CHRIST..." (Galatians 1:10) This generation needs that kind of love! They need Christians that will dare to share and to go to them, and show them, the reality of Jesus in earthen vessels.

Jesus commanded in Matthew 10:7, " And AS you go preach..." Not IF you go! But rather WHEN you go! We need the strategy of Heaven to take this generation as Gideon took the Midianites. God told Gideon, "...you shall defeat the Midianites as ONE man..." That is strategy! That is warfare that will prevail! Let us go to Him then for vision and then go to them with power!

First you must meet them on their own turf, with their own sound, their own feel. You must show them you care enough to accept them as they are, as Christ did. Then you must give them the anointing not religion. It is the anointing delivered in love that will break every yoke. Religion is a frequency they do not understand, they only perceive the unadulterated power of God. This is their language, their creed. They desire His power and His love. They need destiny... That is what will change them. To show them who they are, who they could be, and where they are going, in Christ.

They need to hear a sound that they have not heard, and yet long to hear. Even as they were astounded to hear Jesus in the streets because He spoke like no other man spoke. So they must hear a sound that no man could fabricate or duplicate, a sound of a rushing mighty wind, the sound of Heaven... This is the sound that will arrest their hearts and convince them of their dire need for His love and grace. The only question is, will there be any that have the courage to step outside the confines of "church" as we understand it and show them the real Thing? The purity and passion of the KING?

They long for such a sound, such a sign, such a landmark to show them the Way in this gross darkness. This generation is waiting for the sound of their call and destiny, and hell beware when they do... They will usher in the coming of Christ. First, in their passion and desire for Him, and THEN, in the sky...

God is calling now to a vanguard of men and women to lead this generation from the catacombs of slavery and oppression. To understand the signs of the times, as Joseph, and prepare their hearts for the time to come. The hearts this generation are the storehouses He desires for us to store up in. These yoiung lives are the eternal investment that give eternal reward.

Who will be a wise steward? Who will hear the Master's heart? Who will lay aside personal agenda and set their affections on things above? This is the time of living sacrifices! Let hell smell the smoke of our bushels burning by the fire of passion and desire for His Kingdom come, His will be done! Now is the time for that kind of love!

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor
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