East Coast Get Ready!

A Word for the East Coast

By Chad Taylor

I am about to strike the waters says the Lord, I am about to strike the rock and the stones. I am about to shake the land. I am about to release a fire. It will burn up the conservative traditions of men, it will be like wood, hay, and stubble. I will burn in the hearts of your children. They will not be stifled or ignored. East Coast I am at your door! "Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in!" (Ps.24:7).

I am opening the old wells. The promises and the covenants I made with you father's fathers. The prophetic promise that was spoken over your borders, is even now coming to pass. For such a time as this says the Lord. For such a time as this. For in this hour I will assemble an army, an army of misfits. The uncomely parts. They will march to the beat of a different drum. They will have ears only to hear My heart. You will hear their feet as the Syrians heard the feet of the four lepers! "the noise of a great army..." (2nd Kings 7).

Laws and legislature will bow in this hour. Laws and legislature that has been an abomination to me will change. I will rewrite some of your laws says the Lord, laws that rob your children and leave your orphans and widows as if they were dead. I will defend them in this hour. I will upset the polls and the predictions. I will set in place the righteous and the radical. I will remove the seat of authority "that sits in the seat of the scornful and walks in the counsel of the ungodly..." (Ps. 1).

East Coast get ready for the Holy Ghost! For I have uttered My voice before My army! I am roaring out of Zion! I will come to My temple suddenly. I will upset the tables and tapestries of man, but I will exalt the broken and belittled. You will be the head and not the tail O New Hampshire! You will be the first and not the last O Vermont and Virginia! In you they will see a remnant an incorruptible seed! You will be more than an overcomer Massachusetts and Maine! Connecticut I will connect you to My heart! I will give you My passion for the nations! Rhode Island I will stir the ancient flames of revival that sit and smolder. I will blow on you and your will burn. Pennsylvania a sound of an abundance of rain will be heard in you. They will see it from afar off and rejoice.

O New England you will hear My voice! "PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!"

Chad Taylor