Fire in the Land

  By Chad Taylor    

"For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with His chariots like a whirlwind..."  (Is.66:15).  


As the fires burn across the landscape in the natural, so will I burn with revival in the spirit says the Lord.  As the smoke fills the skies in the natural, so will the bushels that hide the flame of the gospel will burn.  The sky will be filled with its smoke.  For in this hour the forest fires of revival will burn with unrelenting intensity across this nation.  America will be on fire says the Lord.  I will create a thousand times a thousand Torontos, a thousand times a thousand Brownsville's.  I will burn in the hearts of My people in this hour says the Lord, and the gates of hell will not prevail.  

From the corn fields of Indiana I will burn.  In the Great Lakes region you will see a pillar of fire by night, and the smoke of its burning by day.  In the panhandle the fire will spread, millions will be touched by its brightness.  In the Pacific Northwest the fires will grow in intensity.  They will burn like no fire has ever burned.  From these places a vanguard of revivalist will spring forth.  From Montana to Minnesota, from Washington to Wisconsin.  The fires will burn.  Unknowns and those with no name or heritage but Me will begin to march across the land with a great torch of revival in their hands.  Revivalists will march across the land and cross seas. 

Even as the fires light up the night skies in the natural so shall they light up the heavenlies in the spiritual.  My people will be brands plucked from the fire and they will blaze.   Meetings and gatherings will burn for weeks and months.  Some will continue to blaze for years as human hearts and souls feed the flame.  Millions will be transformed.  Millions will shine in this hour says the Lord.  Millions will rise to blaze the trail of revival throughout the nations.  Churches will be transformed into training centers and schools of revival and reformation.  Producing a generation of revivalists and fire starters.  Your children and grandchildren will burn with a light that illuminates even the generation yet to come. 

The fires of revival will light the midnight skies.  The darkest places will feel the intensity of its heat.  In the streets the fire will blaze.  In the streets the fire will blaze.   Institutions and prisons will be torches in My hand in this hour says the Lord.   Those cities that have prisons and institutions in their borders will catch the flames leaping from the cells and asylums.  The lost and the insane will now do wonders among you says the Lord.  They will do wonders among you.  A special anointing for the deaf and dumb will be poured out, and those that have never spoken a word will suddenly utter the glory and revelation of the Most High.  From the throne room they will speak and prophesy.  From the third heaven they will utter their speech.  

Yes, the fires will burn.  This winter you will feel the heat of it and as the new year dawns upon you the flame will begin to spread.  Everything that comes into its contact will burn says the Lord.  The sparks of these revivals will be blown by the Wind into the four corners of the earth.  From America a great fire will be seen.  From America a great revival will shake not only the earth but the heavens as well.  From America a great move of the Lord never recorded before will occur.  Like a fire it will burn.  Like a fire it will purge.  Only the trees planted by the Lord will stand.  Only the trees planted by the Lord will stand.  

Reservations will come from the fire as fine gold.  Those outside the gates of the city will shine.  Restitution on the reservation says the Lord.  Restitution on the reservation.  I will restore what they have lost with souls.  I will give them treasures out of darkness, I will restore to them a generation.  I will give them back their children.  I will give back their land.  The gates will be open and the King of glory will come in.   Prepare your homes, prepare your cities.  For the fire of the Lord is coming.  The fire of the Lord is coming.  It will burn, it will purge.  And from it a generation shall emerge.  A generation of revivalists and fire starters.  Every nation will see.  Every city shall feel its heat.  Fire in the Land says the Lord!  Fire in the land!  Now will the army begin to stand.  They will blaze revival throughout the land.  For in My hand is the winnowing fan.  Fire in the Land!  Fire in the land!  In the flames My children will stand!  Fire in the Land!  Fire in the Land!    


Chad Taylor