by Chad Taylor

For there is a flame kindled in the North land. A fire, a passion. For I have sent My angel with a coal from the altar of Heaven. I will place it in your hearts and you will shine and illuminate the darkness in these North lands says the Lord.

Your coasts shall be on fire. Those that come to your shores will be set ablaze with this fire, this passion. They will know that I am amongst you says the Lord. They will know that I am in you.

Greenland, those from the South, the desert and humid places, will come to sojourn in your borders, they will capture this flame in their hearts to blaze a trail of revival to the whole earth. They will come from the South, the East and the West, to see this sign and wonder in you.

Greenland, you will be the flint, and I will be the Rock. Together we will ignite the earth with My glory and power. Rejoice! Your day of your visitation is upon you! Your old men will dance and your widows rejoice for what the Lord has accomplished in you!

From the North will come a flame. From the North will come a fire. It will devour the wicked like stubble underneath of your feet. It will purge the sons of Levi, it will bring forth the pure gold. Pure gold says the Lord, pure gold.

I will awaken the hearts of your children and they will chase after me like a deer for water. They will thirst for Me. They will know Me. From the North lands I will raise up an army mighty in battle and full of Love. They will go forth to the uttermost parts of the earth and declare my Heart and Will in these days. A remnant people shall emerge form the North says the Lord. They will bridge the nations with My love and power.

Greenland, you will be known as Grace-land. A land and region full of My great grace and love. A continent of mercy, a nation of charity. A place of refuge, a place of strength. Gird up your loins, for this flame is already kindled in you, you shall light up the skies of the year 2000 with My glory. By July 4th all the earth will see this miracle, sign, and wonder coming from the Northlands. In the sides of the North you will see My Kingdom built says the Lord.

A remnant people shall emerge from the North, a great and mighty army to raise the banner of My Name into the earth says the Lord. A great and mighty army shall come. A great and mighty army they shall be. They will bridge the nations with My power and love says the Lord.

A lighthouse of intercession will be established in the Northlands, a lighthouse of prayer shall be seen in the darkest regions of the earth from this place. It will shine with the gold of My glory, the light of My love. Prepare yourselves O Northlands! They day of your visitation has come!

Chad Taylor (12/20/99)