A Word for Minnesota

by Chad Taylor

For I see the old wells being re-dug. The old wells of revival. Stopped up by years of tradition and religion, now pouring, producing, new oil and wine! New wine and oil for the healing of the ones left for dead on the side of the road! New oil and wine for those backslidden and embittered against the church. I am breaking up the fallow ground in you Minnesota. For there is a remnant of intercession that have kept the candles and incense burning. Their prayers have come as a memorial to Me says the Lord. I have remembered My covenant with those that have prayed before them. Revival was their cry, revival shall be My reply.

A great move shall occur in your youth. They will be the ones that tear down the idols and high place. They will be My Gideon to do these things. They will blaze a trail of revival and reformations through your midst. They will dig the old wells with the passion of their devotion and praise. Make room for them! Make way for them! For in them is the strength to sustain these things says the Lord. In them is the strength to "endure hardness and a good soldier of Jesus Christ." (2nd Timothy 2:3).

The oppression that has enslaved your women in the church is being broken. The shackles of slavery on My handmaidens are being loosed in this hour says the Lord. No longer will them be your footstool or subservient says the Lord. For in this hour, the servant will be the greatest of all, and the uncomely part given more honor. The Saul spirit that has killed and disobeyed Me will now be destroyed, and the heart of Jonathan will emerge from this battle field.

The control and witchcraft that have kept My David's in the wilderness will now be destroyed says the Lord. The kings and priests will now walk side by side in this coming revival. They will not break rank or thrust one another. They will supply My Spirit with out preference or partiality. "Freely you have received, freely give." The old wells will now overflow. I am breaking up the fountains of the deep. I am sending the rain. Even now you can see a cloud in the shape of a man's hand. A sound of an abundance of rain! RUN! RUN! RUN! For a day of visitation is upon you! I will hasten these things to come to pass says the Lord! I will hasten these things to come to pass!

For Minnesota shall be an epi-center in these coming days. An apostolic headquarters. From this place they shall go to the uttermost parts of the earth. Building bridges of revival between the nations. The head waters will come from this place. It's cup shall overflow. A prophetic river, running deep, will come from this place. "I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water..." (Is.41:18). I will hasten this to come to pass says the Lord. I will hasten all these things to come to pass.

Chad Taylor