Throw Your Nets on the Other Side...

By Chad Taylor

So you have labored, and worked, and yet your nets are empty. You've labored as it were all night, and still your boats are empty, still your nets are barren. I say to you now, THROW YOUR NETS ON THE OTHER SIDE!" Loose from the banks and go into the deep! So it is now that My Spirit searches out the deep things of God. I am searching, I am looking to and fro through the whole earth for those hearts that cry, "Here am I, send me..."

You have sweated, and you have labored and your paneled houses shine. But I say to you now, "Throw your nets on the other side!" It is time! I have given you all that you need, the oil and the wine, the precious incorruptible seed, now it is time to redeem, throw your nets on the other side!

The laborers stand idle on every street, waiting for the chance to work the fields for Me. Now go out quickly! Compel them to come in! Pray to the Lord of the harvest for these workers to be sent! For how can they believe if they have never heard? And how can they hear without those to preach My Living Word? How can they preach unless they are sent?

How can they hear without you? "Throw your nets on the other side..."

Now the time draws nigh, the harvest fields are white. Even though you have labored into the night, throw your net on the other side! So the Lord says now, "Throw your net on the other side! Know that it is the appointed time! For My people to GO and SHINE! To illuminate the darkness with My glorious light, it is time to work on the wall and fight! To build the hope of a thousand generations! To touch the heart and the call of every nation! It is time My people to throw the net on the other side! To thrust out into the changing tides, to give sight to the shiftless and blind, it is time! Throw your net on the other side! YES! My child, throw it on the other side!

Thrust out!
Thrust out!
Thrust out into the deep!
Forbid not the children,
Bring them unto Me!
Tear down the walls of your religious creed,
Open up your doors,
And bring them from the streets!
Know now the Father's heart,
For the least of these...
Now I say to you!
Bring them unto Me!
It is the appointed time to set the captives free,
to fulfill your call and destiny!
All the visions! All the dreams!
Bring them unto Me!
Bring them unto Me...
Oh my child, throw your net on the other side...

Isaiah 54...

Chad Taylor - 3/19/99