Philip! Rise and Go!

By Chad Taylor


Now the time has come that I will shake the Church, I will shake her, and what is released will be a vanguard of men and women and children that will invade the darkest places with My love and power!  I will shake the church as a man would shake a salt shaker.  I am now going to season the nations of the earth with My fire says the Lord. Some of you even now pray to Me everyday, "Lord!  What would you have me to do?  Where do I fit in?"  I say to you today, get ready for the shaking!  Get ready to be the seasoning and the salt of the earth!  For I am about to change your circumstances, and you will have no choice but to "take up your cross and follow Me."  I will dry up the brook Cherith,  I will dry up the pools of water that you have found nourishment by, and you will go! Yes! YOU WILL GO!  (1st Kings 17:7).PHILIP!  RISE AND GO!  THE TIME TO SEASON THE EARTH HAS COME!  The time to release My glory upon the earth is here!   Many of you like Barnabus will sell lands and homes and go!  Many of you I have given a vision of missions, and building training centers and churches in other lands, now these visions will come to fruition.  Now these things will bear fruit says the Lord.  For the seed and the blood of many missionaries have been poured out on the earth, now will I require this offering, now I will cause these solitary seeds that have fallen to the ground to bear much fruit.  Their lives were not in vain says the Lord.  A harvest shall come from there offerings and their deaths.  You will see it and be amazed.


PHILIP! RISE AND GO!  Your time of training is done, the time of sowing and reaping is now at hand!  The time to bear fruit is upon you!  You have served tables and have been an overseer in My house, but I tell you now you will be a general and a chief in the nations of the earth.  I say to you faithful gate keepers, now I will give you a higher seat. You will now go to the four corners of the earth to establish my gates, my gates of praise and intercession.  Those that have been faithful with so little, will now be trusted with much more says the Lord.  The nations as your possession.  You were faithful over a little, now I will give you authority over ten cities.  Over the nations of the world says the Lord.  (Matthew 25:21)I am calling some of you to distant lands and obscure places.  Cities that you have never heard of.  Places that you never knew existed.  I am sending you to establish My gates of praise and intercession.  My perimeters and boundaries says the Lord.   These signs shall follow those that go, "In My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover..."  (Mark 16:15-18).


Churches that have been faithful with a few city blocks, I will now give the city.  Churches that have been faithful to feed the poor, and give shelter to the homeless, and have not despised their own flesh, I will now give the city. Like I gave Samaria to Philip, I will give you the city. Your lampstand will stand in this day of shaking and you will be a light and a city upon a hill that cannot be hid says the Lord. Tiny churches in obscure cities will receive international attention, not just one or two, but dozens and dozens.  Those that have been faithful with so little will now rise and shine like the sun with healing in its wings.  "And you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.  You shall trample the wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this, says the Lord of Hosts."(Malachi 4:2-3).


A great glory will now fall on those that have been passed up and overlooked.  That have received no reward for their acts of kindness and labor.  For in this hour there will be no schism in the Body.  Every joint will supply.  Seemingly insignificant and unlovely people will now rise like a great fire that will sweep the land.  Larger more well know ministries will invite these uncomely ones to lead great revival outreaches and crusades.  Their faces will be unfamiliar but certainly not the power that they demonstrate.  All will know My hand that is upon them.  (1st Corinthians 12:23-26).The spirit of pride and self promotion, that steps on another to get to a higher place will be decapitated and decimated in these days says the Lord.  Their talents will be taken away and given to another.  A great revelation of love and compassion shall sweep over leaders and churches, churches will be more concerned about the growth of the church across town than their own.  This will be defined as revival in these days says the Lord.


Like Jacob and Laban, the sheep and the goats will be clearly marked for everyone to see.  Churches and ministries that have not visited the prisoner and clothed the naked, will be clearly seen.  They will not be able to hide behind the facade of works and great deeds.  I will make it plain in these coming days who is a sheep and who is a goat says the Lord.  (Genesis 30:32). I am releasing a great wave of charity upon My church this year and the year to come.  It will carry My church into dark desperate places of the world.  This wave of charity will carry many into the streets and alleys to build revival churches in the inner cities.  The inner cities will be like the Holy of Holies in this day says the Lord.  Great power will be manifested in these dark places as the light of My glory is shed abroad by the hearts of My sheep.  Revival will break out in the streets!


"When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb, but Rachel was barren..."  (Genesis 29:31).Those that have been rejected and not esteemed in the Body of Christ shall now bear many children.  The Native American, the African American, and the Mexican, will now bear much fruit.  Great revivals shall come from these nations, it will provoke the larger more prominent churches to jealousy.  The focal point of these great revivals and shakings shall come from these places, the "epi-center" will be found in these nations says the Lord. Those that have been disdained will now be exalted.  Nations that have been stepped on and hated will now rise to a place of prominence.  Seated at seats of great spiritual authority and power.  In their humility this power shall flow.  In their brokeness this power shall be released.  Watch and see!  PHILIP, RISE AND GO!For on you in this hour I will bestow,My power and My glory!All the earth and their children will now see,Your eternal purpose and destiny!I am raising up the low to be chief,From a footstool to the highest seat.Those that have been disdained,Shall now reign! PHILIP! RISE AND GO!It is time that the earth should know,My glory and power.It shall be declared in you in this hour!You will pass through the water and the fire,The ones idle on the corners I will now hire! PHILIP! RISE AN GO!

Chad Taylor