Prophecy Over Africa
Written by Chad Taylor of Consuming Fire Ministries |  Posted on 2008-02-17

Given at Victory Christian Fellowship
Fresno, Ca

Africa mighty nation of kings and princes the lord says to Africa, Rachel weep no more your children are coming back to their borders and every anointing that was forfeited sold and stolen on every foreign sea shore will return to your continent a hundred fold in this lifetime, in this lifetime and the life to come, for I see Esau coming back to Jacob, I see the army of Esau and all his lambs and sheep. I see the wealth of Esau coming back to Jacob, I see the Queen of Sheba coming unto Solomon, I see the wealth of the wicked returning, returning to the shores of Africa and you will rebuild the old waste places and the cities that have been ashes God will raise up before your eyes, even like a new Jerusalem, God will raise up a city, God will raise up a continent, and God will raise up a nation even in a day.

It will be a miracle, it will be a phenomena. It will be a paradox to some, a miracle to others, and a phenomena to not just a few, what I do through you oh Africa. For the army and the wealth of Esau, and the birthright that was stolen and sold, is coming back to Jacob. I see ships, ships, ships full of your people, full of generations, full of mantels, full of anointing, full of crowns coming back filling your sea shores, filling the horizons as far as the eye can see. From a thousand years ago until now, coming back, coming back, and coming back. For what the devil meant for evil God has always intended for your good, and the spirit of Joseph shall rest upon you, and you will live in no pit and no prison no more, and the scepter of Pharaoh shall be extended to your nation and kings shall come to the brightness of itís rising and the army of the gentiles shall come because the glory of the Lord is arising and shining upon you.

And though gross darkness has covered you and darkness the people My glory shall arise and shine upon you, for that very text of scripture was written for such a time as this and you will not fail in the time of testing and you will pour it back upon the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Great charity will break poverty and Africa will become a storehouse to the nations. Storehouses filled with new manna and new bread and other countries in the next decade will come to Africa to fill their bags and fill their ships. I will completely turn it around for all things work together for the good for those called according to My purposes and my purposes are coming into fullness, fullness, fullness and I am re-capturing the minds of your youth, and they will become doctors and they will become geniusí in their fields; physicists and doctors and lawyers and they will defend you and they will stand for you, and I will raise them up to be the head and not the tail, as prophets and kings, as priests. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

It starts in 2008 the stall and the calves have left the gate in 2008, and you will see a phenomenon in the sky above, you watch it, you watch it. Those that are observant and those that are prophetic and even science shall record the mysteries and the signs and wonders in the heavens above and the earth beneath. Blood, fire and pillar of smoke shall be seen over Africa as a sign and a wonder and as a symbol of Godís promises and his ability to perform them in this hour. Strange eclipses of the sun and the moon, strange phenomena in the heavens, I hear the Lord saying a star is born. And Kings will come to the brightness of itís rising to bring their gifts to bring their wealth, to bring their wisdom.

I see medical, medical hospitals and medical colleges rising up within Africa that will be the envy of the nations and people will come there to attend those schools and those universities. Like Oxford was in England, God is raising up the academic anointing in the nation of Africa and you will be the envy of England and the envy of America. Great medical institutions and great academic institutions shall arise from the ashes of civil war. Where war has marked those countries, so shall my glory now mark them. I will remove the pricks that we have kicked against and I will remove the obstacles and I will make way where there appeared to be in one day, no way.

Oh my God, Oh my God and the Lord says I will break up the fountains of the deep and waters shall be found, and waters shall be discovered, that will be bottled, that shall become an industrious witty-invention and will bring wealth to the people in the Christian communities. Discoveries, hidden treasures in the darkness, coming to the light to the faithful few and into the hands of the Joseph anointed. For I am building an Ark in the continent of Africa and many nations shall come to find the Glory that resides in you.