Prophetic Words dating from 1998 to current from Chad Taylor

2006: The Beginning of the End

Apocalyptic Anomalies and End Time Paradigms (12-24-04)

Accumulation of Years of Withholding is About to Be Released! (08-15-05)

A City Under Siege and Nation in the Balance (09-04-05)

A Blaze of Glory (09-24-03)

A Descent into Darkness and the New Orleans Paradox (09-25-05)

A Response to Andrew Strom's Article, "Why I left the Prophetic Movement"

A Requiem of Revival and a Harvest Hypothesis (07-30-05) 

A New Year, New Alignments and a Net That Works (01-01-04)

A Fire Will Come From the South (03-01-02)

A Greater Glory (11-13-01)

A War For the Islands (11-01-03)  

A Word To the American Church Regarding New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina

Alaska on the Precipice (10-15-02)

Army is Deployed in Detroit (03-28-03)

A Word For Canada (A Simmering Pot) (01-22-98)

A Word for New England (01-01-04)

Apostolic and the Harvest (12-09-01)

A Spiritual Miscarriage (02-21-02)

A Vision of the Tornadoes of His Presence (03-09-01) 

Addicted to the Glory (article) (06-20-00)

Africa Awake! (02-01-00)

Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California (11-02-00)

Alaska Alliance (09-06-99)

Alaska on the Precipice (10-21-02)

Anchorage Explodes! (street report - 5-08-00)

Angels at the Altars of Intercession (03-13-01) 

At Ease in Zion (article) (01-09-01)

A River of Many Colors (A Word for Spokane, WA.) (11-26-00)

Away in a Manger (9-20-98)

A Celebration! (10-08-98)

A Cry for Destiny (article) (02-16-99)

A Global Prophecy (10-22-98)

A Love Letter (11-09-98)

A Miracle in the Streets (article) (07-24-00)

A Prayer of Jesus (4-15-00)

A Time to Reap (Global Revival) (2-21-00)

A Season of Silence (Article) (4-05-00)

A Vision of the Sword (3-25-00)

A Vision of the Pillar (11-15-00)

A Salvation Army (05-26-99)

A Message to the Church (10-19-99)

A Word for Alaska, Part 1 (01-17-99)

A Word for Alaska Part 2 (06-13-99)

A Word for Albany, OR. (02-17-02)

A Word for Brownsville (11-30-01)

A Word for Chicago (04-07-02)

A Word for Cle Elum, WA. (08-13-00)

A Word for Colorado Springs, CO (10-24-99)

A Word for Cordova, AK. (08-09-00)

A Word for the East Coast (06-12-00)

A Word for England (08-25-00)

A Word for Fairbanks, Alaska (10-17-99)

A Word for Georgia (08-29-02)

A Word for Germany (5-20-00)

A Word for Germany in German!

A Word for the Hawaiian Islands (06-03-99)

A Word for Idaho Falls and Idaho (2-24-01)  

A Word for Indiana (08-15-00)

A Word for Ireland (05-20-98)

A Word for Las Vegas (02-06-00)

A Word for Libby, Montana (01-01-02)

A Word for Marysville, WA. (12-15-00)  

A Word for the Mid-West (04-27-99)

A Word for Minnesota (5-12-00)

A Word for Nashville, TN.(05-31-02)

A Word for Nashville pt.2 (01-03-03)

A Word for New Mexico (11-23-00)

A Word for the Oregon Territory (8-19-98)

A Word for Paisley, OR. (03-14-01)   

A Word for Portland, OR. (02-17-02)

A Word for San Francisco (5-31-00)

A Word to Sandpoint, Idaho (04-20-01)  

A Word for Savannah, GA. (03-21-02)

A Word for Texas (06-13-99)

A Word for Tacoma, WA. (5-24-00)

A Word for Tri-Cities, WA.(07-31-02)

A Word for Vermont and New Hampshire (01-20-01) 

A Word for Washington State (06-22-99)

A Word for the World Prayer Center (05-30-01)

A Word for Yugoslavia (01-25-02)

Acts Chapter 8 (10-20-98)

Acts of the Apostles (article) (08-23-99)

Anchorage Arise! (04-11-00)

Catholics on the Forefront of Final Harvest (02-07-03)

Chaos Before Pentecost  (09-12-01)

Cry of the Spirit is Harvest (07-03-99)

Christ in His Distressing Disguise (article) (02-04-00)

Cities of America Pt. 1 (10-11-01)

Cities of America Pt. 2 (10-16-01)

Cities of Refuge and the Coming Peril (10-30-05)

Conference to Confrontation (article) (5-18-00)

Convert Your Conference into Outreach and Revival! (Article) (12-09-00)  

Destiny Alaska (3-15-00)

Don't Stop at the Burning Bush (09-05-02)

Dragon Slayers! (11-12-99)

Eagles on the Storm (5-21-01)

Earthquakes Are Coming (11-10-99)

East Coast Get Ready! (7-10-00)

Eunuchs of Intercession (04-13-00)

Fields of Fire (09-01-01)

Finding God in the Lord of the Rings (11-25-02 - Article)

Fire in the Land! (08-10-00)

Fire Over France (7-20-01)

Fire Over France (In French!)

Fire Over Scotland (08-15-00)

From Oxford to Stanford: My Glory will be Revealed (08-06-01)

Global Tides and Epic Trends  (09-13-03)

God is Oiling the Hinges (10-31-04)

Greenland and Lands to the North (12-20-99)

Habakkuk's Prayer (Article) (06-28-00)

Harvest is Pending (12-31-01)

Heaven, Hollywood, and History's Greatest Revival (Article) (12-14-00)  

Heaven in Hollywood (11-12-00)

Hell's Best Kept Secret! (article) (09-01-00)

Hell is Real (Article) (11-07-01)

I Passed Thru (02-08-99)

I Am Shouting Over the South! (04-28-05)

Israel and the Presidential Campaign (11-05-00)

Israel is Creating a Tear in Heaven for Harvest (05-08-02)

Israel My Beloved (06-12-00)

It is Time… (12-21-98)

It's Time to Shine (01-18-99)

Jeremiah: The Heart of the Prophet (article)

Jesus Commands Us to Go (article) (10-13-99)

Jesus Still Bleeds (07-20-99)

Jonah Comes to America (09-15-01)

Lamentations 2:19 (10-29-98)

Last Days Ministries (05-27-01)

Let My People Go (01-06-99)

Lion of Judah Roars Over the South (7-30-02)

Lions in Sheep's Clothing (07/16/01)

Lions of Revival (article) (09-05-99)

Mexico 2000 (01-27-00)

Mexico 2000 (Translated in Spanish!)

Mexico My Love (10-18-98)

My Daughter China (10-10-98)

My Heart is in India (07-31-02)

My Prophet's in Uniform (04-05-03)

Native America (5-27-00)

Open Heaven's and Extreme Harvest (07-05-06)

Oregon on the Threshold (08-30-00)

Perils Will Come (03-20-99)

Philip! Rise and Go! (02-05-00)

Pillar of Fire Over Portland (07-31-02)

Pray for Russia (10-10-98)

Prepare for War (04-28-99)

Preparing for the Harvest (article) (05/24/99)

Preparing to Possess (article) (01-19-99)

Prophecy for the Nation (10-10-98)

Prophecy Regarding Burns, OR (07-20-99)

Proverbs 4:18 (11-07-98)

Qualifications of a Prophet (article) (02-16-99)

Reconnoiter: The Art of War (article) (08-24-00)

Reformation before Revival! (article) (08-27-00)

Repentance, Reconciliation, and Renewal: The Keys of Revival (11-22-00)

Revival Seeds are Coming to the Surface! (09-02-01)

Revival is Waiting in the Streets... (article) (12-07-00)

Revival: Small Town America (08-09-01) 

Ring of Fire (Villages of Alaska) (01-15-00)

Song of Deborah (vision) (02-16-99)

Street Report! Guns Shots! (03-14-01)  

Suddenly in Seattle (06-26-00)

Thieves in the Night (08-25-01)

The Accumulation of Years of Withholding is About To be Released! (08-07-05)

The Church and the Children (vision) (10-17-99)

The Coming Reformation and the New Breed (article) (07-29-03)

The Cross (article) (03-30-99)

The Curse of Canaan (05-22-02)

The Eagle, The Raven, and Religion (6-13-01)

The Fast and the Furious (05-23-03)

The Fruit of Revival (article) (08-25-00)

The Gospel According to Jesus (article) (02-04-00)

The Great Morocco Revival

The Hammer of Harvest (7-3--02)

The Least of These (01-19-99)

The Lion and the Bear (08-14-00)

The Maelstrom of the New Year (01-11-05)

The Next 3 Days the Stone Will Be Rolled Away (02-22-03)

The Partnering Paradigm (01-21-03)

The Provisioners (07-01-05)

The Punk, The Prostitute and the Prisoner (08-03-99)

The Priesthood: Keepers of the Flames of Revival (8--09-02 - Article)

The Prophetic Gap Between Social and Religious Reform (article)

The River is Turning! (09-26-00)

The Stones the Builders Rejected (12-09-98)

The Suicide of Religion (06-04-02)

The Uncomely Parts (10-18-98)

The Value of a Soul (7-01-01) (Article)

The Year of the Dragon (05-13-00)

The Vision of the Rabbi (05-13-98)

The Woman at the River of Consequence (03-14-03)

Throw Your Nets On the Other Side (3/19/99)

This Coming Persecution (10-10-02 - article)

Today is the Day of Salvation (08-15-00 - article)

Trumpets Over Ireland (01-05-00)

Vengeance is Mine (05-14-99)

Violence for the Vision (article) (01-17-99)

Volatile Times Produce Volatile Vision (04-15-06)

We Cannot Go Back! (12-24-01)

Wisdom for Revival (10-13-99)

Witches, Warlocks, and Wiccan's (06-18-01)

Why Revival Still Tarries - (11-21-04)  

Word for the Watchman (01-05-99 - given 3 months before Columbine)

You Are My Roar! (07-10-98)

Your Weeping Will be Turned to Freedom (03-26-03)




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