Repentance, Reconciliation, and Renewal: The keys of Revival

By Chad Taylor      



November 17th-20th we spent 5 days in Northern California with 4 different churches and witnessed a move of God.  I will attempt to capture some of the prophetic points and strategic highlights, with the help of others, in this revival report.  I believe that these three words are genuine keys of revival, or really, the revival that is imminently over this nation: REPENTANCE, RECONCILIATION, RENEWAL.  And the things that transpired in Northern California are crucial to the future of revival in this nation.  If these issues are not addressed and confronted in prayer from state to state, county to county, and city to city, revival will remain hidden under the rubble of human sin and error.  You will see in this report from our recent trip to California what I mean.  

Let me start with the first word, REPENTANCE.  Unless the obstacles are moved out of the road you are attempting to travel down, you cannot proceed.  On the road of revival their are innumerable obstacles that stand in the way of progress.  Some of these are, offenses, broken covenants (in America, treaties...), unconfessed sin or offenses against another person, race, or people.   Again, prejudice, strife, emulations and jealousies, (especially amongst churches and ministries), blood shed in a certain area or region that has been unidentified and unconfessed.  "The blood of your brother cries out from the ground..."  Unless these areas are repented for and covered by the blood of Jesus the road to revival in our region remains unattainable and uncrossable...    


In Mariposa, California God began to reveal a strategy for national revival.  The repercussions of what is being done in Mariposa will impact the entire nation.  On November 18th Pastor's Henry and Grace Falany, Alan Medina and his wife Ruth, and myself went to the old prison out on the water in San Francisco called Alcatraz.  We had a mission: Pray for the native people from this key place, that had once occupied this island after the Federal Government closed the maximum security facility down in 1969.  At this historical crossroads a people began a personal revival of identity and dignity.  Alcatraz meant much more to the First Nation People than it has the millions of tourists each year that visit "The Rock."   

There is a small room off of the main theatre at Alcatraz that repeats a video over and over of the history of the Native American occupation and the stand-off on Alcatraz Island that lasted for 19 months between November 20th, 1969 to June 11th, 1971.  At this historical junction that was a critical landmark for America we had to pray.  I would like Pastor Henry Falany, pastor of Mariposa Revival Center to tell our story.  I believe it is interesting that the name of the church is Mariposa REVIVAL Center, in relation to what just happened in this place!  Read on!    

(Mariposa Report from Pastor Henry Falany)  

"Mariposa, Ca. is a tiny community in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains on the south end of the old 49er Mother Lode gold mining region.  We are a small but fiery revival/river church in this community
that is contending for a lasting visitation/habitation of the Holy Spirit.  We have been blessed with many waves of the Spirit since 1995 but we are hungry for much more!

In that light it has become evident to us that God wants the First Nation to be included in this move.  We have been trying to build in-roads with the Native people for some time now but very little has been accomplished aside from our food ministry and just getting to fellowship and love on some of them.

This last weekend Chad Taylor paid us a visit and I believe he was sent from heaven.  And now it appears that this reconciliation is going to have to start with our own repentance and renewing of our minds. Before the meetings began here in Mariposa, we met Chad at San Francisco and we went out to Alcatraz Island to pray for the Natives from the strategic point of the famous siege back in 1969-71.  It was an awesome
time of intercession ... and we believe it was prophetic.

After the time on Alcatraz the meetings here went to a very high level in the Spirit.  Chad had an awesome word for the occasion and God used him mightily to convince us white folks that this thing is going to
begin with our own repentance.  In the Sunday night service I, personally, was able to repent to a strategic individual (First Nation) that had been offended at our church years ago and had not been back to
our church since ... and yet Sunday night there he was.   So I seized the opportunity.  I was received and he also asked for forgiveness.  It was a very emotional but encouraging time for everyone in the service
... weeping and tears everywhere... It was stated in our Sunday night meeting by one of the area coordinators of the Spiritual Warfare Network people (under Cindy Jacobs) that the first treaty broken by the government in this state was here in Mariposa county..."  (End of quote - see below to contact Mariposa).


Paul in the Bible made it very clear the specific ministry the Lord has given to each of us,  "...And He has given to us the ministry of reconciliation..."  (2nd Corinthians 5:18).  Until we see the bridges repaired between nations, peoples, churches, and hearts, we will never really experience true revival.  In the Webster's Dictionary it states that reconciliation means:  "A renewal of friendship..."  It's no surprise then that the defining moments of the last decade has been expressed by the word, "RENEWAL."  If we are ever going to experience the level of revival that Jesus talked about and the early church experienced, WE MUST RECEIVE AND WALK IN THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION!  This is a critical key to revival...
  I pray from city to city, state to state and across this country a Spirit of reconciliation falls upon every church and Christian.  That we begin to "Go through the gates; prepare the way of the people; cast up, cast up, cast up the highways, gather out the stones, lift up a standard for the people..."  (Is. 62:10).  This speaks of preparing a way for a people not just the Lord!  Clearing and making a way for the people to come.  I believe this speaks directly to this nation and its relation between Anglo and Native.  Native and white.  Mexican American and European American.  Native American and Mexican American.  Asian and Anglo, Native and Asian.  We must repair the breach and LIFT UP A STANDARD FOR THE PEOPLE IF WE ARE EVER GOING TO SEE GENUINE REVIVAL!  

In Mariposa we saw the first fruits of this reconciliation take place.  All across the land this has been happening as First Nation (Native American) people take the forefront in reconciliation, extending the hand of forgiveness and mercy to their white brothers and sisters, it is the first move towards unprecedented revival.  I believe that all across this nation we will see a "Mariposa Model" as churches begin to build bridges of revival into hardened areas of their cities and regions.  If you want revival then go to where revival is needed!  The most profound statement I have heard concerning revival and reconciliation was from a Lakota Sioux, Richard Twiss, "Don't come to us with the attitude, 'what I have for you...'  but rather, 'what we may have for you...' "  We need that revelation of reconciliation, and I would encourage you to visit some of the webpages listed below to get a greater grasp on this end time ministry.    


I heard the Lord say three years ago, "The manifestation is for the demonstration."  God always has a goal in mind whenever He does anything, THE WORLD!  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."  I remember when I first met Steve Shultz of the Elijah List in Portland Oregon three years ago, we went to a McDonalds to eat and talk with a couple of other people from the conference.  The other two in our company began to "manifest" and jerk and make noises as the Lord touched them.  Suddenly a sharp conviction came upon my heart and the Holy Spirit said, "Now you are responsible for every soul in this place!"  WOW!  Here we were in McDonalds to eat and leave, and suddenly we found ourselves on a mission from God!  PREACH!  Yet so often, people go to public places and get drunk in the Spirit, make all kind of funny noises and motions, get the attention of all the folks in the restaurant of grocery store or whatever, and never once reach out and share the love of Jesus!  The Lord is saying in this hour, "NO MORE!"   The manifestation is only a flashing red light to get the attention of the world and introduce them to Jesus.  If we do not get a greater responsibility in our renewal the Lord will take it away.  Period.  Read the report below to better understand what I am saying.   (Report from Vicky Blair)    


"On November 19, three others and myself drove 3 hours up into the mountains of Central California, knowing that the Lord would have something for us.  When we walked in the doors of Sierra Revival Center (formerly Sierra Faith Center), the first words we heard Chad speak was, "In 24 hours, some of you will realize what you received here tonight".  I knew it was for us and received that.  Then he began to share his testimony and preached prophetically about what the Lord was doing NOW in the Body of Christ regarding the Renewal that we have all seen and been changed by.  "It's time to BECOME the river!", was the most awesome thing that was said that night.   

For those of us still "sitting and soaking" in the river and waiting for God's glory to fall - Look out!  He sending us out to the world!  He's sending us to the psychics and prostitutes!  I say this because of Chad's revelation that God has a "Hit List" with psychics and prostitutes right at the top.  Who needs to experience the power of God more than these??  He's sending us into the dark corners of our cities to take what He has filled us with.  Hallelujah!   In the days ahead, I am convinced that we will have no choice.  As Chad prayed, "Burn up the pews Lord!", I realized that many who are still sitting will suddenly lose their seating!   

Chad also addressed the manifestations of the Renewal by declaring that God would be holding the "jerkers and hoo-ers" accountable in the days ahead.   On a serious note, he encouraged us to be aware of the unbelievers around us as we shake and jerk in public.  He made the statement that "if you are going to draw the attention of those around you and you and don't share the love of God with them, their blood is on your hands".  In other words - Now that they are looking at you, what are you going to do with it??    Though there were a couple of serious moments during the evening, the majority of the time was spent laughing and enjoying the presence of the Lord. 

Chad released a powerful impartation of the "warrior spirit" into us to the background noise of Native American worship music and war drums.  Praise the Lord!   What more can I say?  I was changed.  The others who went with me were changed.  We had much to discuss and pray about on our 3 hour drive home.  Tuesday night at our Home Group Bible Study, the anointing of God was still upon us and we shared what happened at Mariposa with the group.  We are now forming a team of radical warriors to take God's saving and healing power to the streets in the city where we live.  Send us Lord!" (End of quote)    


Keep you eyes on Mariposa in the days ahead!  Agree with them as they blaze a trail of revival for the entire nation!  We have only begun to see, REPENTANCE, RECONCILIATION, AND RENEWAL in the land.  These will be first fruits of national revival.  God's plan is not to just "heal the sick and raise the dead" though that is the confirmation many times of the word, it is ultimately to "prepare the way of the Lord," and get the land ready for a visitation from Jesus Christ Himself.  Then, you will see all the miracles you have ever dreamed of!  We must first repair the breach and raise up the desolation of many generations and bind up the broken heart of the people groups and nations that brush up against us every day.  We need to address the offenses that stand right outside the gates of the city. 

The reservations and Native land, we must extend hands of reconciliation and love.  Not in a typical Anglo arrogance that demands something in return, but to just simply offer the treaty of God's love that cannot ever be broken...   Go to the areas of your city that really NEED revival!  Don't just focus on your own people group or neighborhood!  GO OUT!  Target the most dangerous and dark place in your city.  It is only dark because the enemy has recognized the eternal destiny and prophetic seed that is right under the ground in that area!  "A treasure hidden in a field..."  Pay whatever price necessary to see God move in that area and revival burn in the hearts of the people!  Be a "minister of reconciliation!"     



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The Alcatraz Indian Occupation
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Wiconi International "(Richard Twiss) "we-cho-nee" Lakota/Sioux language meaning "Life"
nee" Lakota/Sioux language meaning "Life"

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