A Word to Sandpoint, Idaho

By Chad Taylor

The line is being drawn in the sand in Sandpoint says the Lord. On one
side is tradition and apathy, on the other is obedience and outreach.
I am calling My Church like Peter, to cross the threshold of their
boats and walk on My word to wage a good warfare. To launch out into
the deep of My purposes and take in a great catch. I am reengineering
the heart of My church in this hour. I am renovating My Temple as I
did then to accommodate the lame, the lost, and the dying. 'My house
shall be called a house of prayer says the Lord...'

John 3:16 will be manifest in you in this hour, 'For God so loved the
world that He gave...' I will show you what it means to lay down your
life for a friend. I will show you what it means to love your brother.
In this hour the mantle of personal agenda will be rent in two to take
on the Spirit of Elijah. The hearts of the children returning to the
Fathers and the Fathers to their children says the Lord.

The walls of division and selfishness will crumble and from the ashes
of it will emerge a 'city upon a hill that cannot be hid...' A
Jerusalem, a prophetic and apostolic "mecca" of revival and
reformation. Many will come from hundreds, even thousands of miles to
stand in the light of My glory revealed there. I will give you the
revelation of the marketplace in this hour says the Lord. I will give
you the marketplace.

No longer will My heart be contained in the upper-rooms of conferences
and meetings. My heart will even now escape the confines of
conferencing to invade the marketplaces and streets. I will hide
Myself in the broad places and lanes of the city and like the lovers in
the Song of Solomon, you will have to find Me there says the Lord. You
will have to find Me there...

For the Lord would say to you in this hour O Sandpoint, O Idaho, O
America, will you come out from the closets of preparation and meet Me
in the streets? Will you chase Me now in the white fields of
harvest? Can we run and play in the fields of passion? Or will you
be satisfied with beds of ivory and safe places? Are there any now
that will hazard their lives to find Me? To risk reputation and
institution to really know Me? Prepare yourself O Sandpoint to take in
a draught. Break up the fallow ground O Church and prepare for a
harvest. ‘Lift up your eyes O Sandpoint for the fields are white…’

Chad Taylor
Email: lionheart@gci.net
Lamentations 2:19