Suddenly in Savannah: A Revival Fault Line

By Chad Taylor

I will come to My temple like an Eagle. I will visit My people like a flood. I will break the ancient banks of tradition to flood the land with My power and presence. I will break down the ancient gates of poverty that have ruled the land and will establish My statutes. I will raise up the destitute, the prostitute, and the youth. They will sit at My right hand in Heavenly places and possess the land. I will uproot and tear down the walls that divide between black and white, day and night. I will defy the paradigm of prejudice and establish My law in their heart. The law of love and grace.

The spiritual plates that have positioned My people in the wilderness of religion are shifting. A fault of line of revival will be felt from Savannah to Raleigh, from Raleigh to Atlanta. From Atlanta to Norfolk, from Norfolk to Ahoskie. From Ahoskie to Newbern, from Newbern to Whittaker, from Whittaker to the uttermost parts of the earth. I am shifting the spiritual plates and causing the Spirit of revival and awakening to fall upon these Southern States. The paradigm of prejudice will give way to the heart of reconciliation and reformation. The tide of hatred and pride will turn into the shores of My grace and forgiveness.

Suddenly in Savannah will I appear. In the Spirit of Reformation and revival I will come in. On a donkey that no man has sat will I come. I will come in ways that man can predict or project. I will break the mind-sets that set boundaries and expectations, I will do exceedingly and abundantly more than you can think or ask. In your streets and marketplaces I will cast down imagination and thoughts that exalt themselves above the knowledge of Christ. I will confront the icon of witchcraft in your cities with a power that will eclipse their spells and incantations. They will see and hear the miracles that you do and believe in Me.

In the small and overlooked places I will now visit. They will be a Bethlehem, a place of new birth and revival. They will be like the mid-wives in Moses day that bring forth deliverance and salvation. This is the acceptable time, the days of salvation says the Lord. These are the days that you will pass through a passage of history. Uncapping the wells of previous revivals and reformation. All of these tributaries will flow into one great river of reformation. I will change the statistics that hang over your children's head, I will create in your day a phenomena and paradigm shift.

Chad Taylor
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