IT’S TIME TO SHINE - Isaiah 42:22-23
(To the First Nation Peoples)

1999 will be the landmark of your liberation and redemption. To those that call themselves First Nation people, this is the year that you shall emerge from the desert of tribulation to shine as the stars of the heaven says the Lord. This is the year, this is the time, that you will shine...

This light of redemption will be an ensign of My power and love for the whole earth to see. And they shall declare, "Surely God is in you..." In you O First Nation people shall be the hope of the nations, hope for the prisoner, hope for the broken hearted, hope for those that have been held captive. In you will be the cry of freedom that will open the prison to them that are bound.

Once again the chiefs and the elders shall sit in the counsel of war. The weapons of their warfare will not be in this hour carnal, but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. Once again the pipe of peace shall be passed and the smoke of its counsel will be a pillar and a sign to those in the wilderness of despair. They will see it and be free! Yes! They shall see this and be free! Free says the Lord!

The blood in you says the Lord is the blood of royalty. You shall be kings and priests in the courts of your God. You shall judge the nations with an iron rod. And the very gates of hell will not prevail against you.

I have sent you the eagle and the bear, the lion and the hart. You will run and not be weary! You will be strong and never lack any good thing! You will roar with the might and the heart of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! With hinds feet you will leap and climb! You will shine in 99! You will shine in 99 says the Lord!

Warriors of the Most High God, it is time to assemble as one Tribe! Tribe to tribe, nation to nation, heart to heart. Even as Jonathan and David, I am uniting your chiefs, I am uniting your hearts. You shall be one as I and the Father are One. And they will know that you are Christians by the love you have for one another... They will know that you are mine.

The Dakotas with the Alaskans, the Canadians with the Sioux, they will all see Me inside of you! All of you! Arm and arm you will invade the land with the blazing flame of My name, and all shall see that I Am with thee. That we are one. We are one in the Son...

You have suffered
and endured the shame,
Now you must arise
To take My name,
To the nations
and foreign lands,
To release the prisoner
by the power of My hand,
To turn their eyes from darkness
To light,
From the power of satan
To Christ!
Now it is time to fight!
It is time to arise!
It is time to shine... Isaiah 60

Taking the church to the streets
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor (1/6/99) -