Received by Chad Taylor 2/29/2000

I saw as it were a warrior being dressed.  A warrior strong in stature and build.  Tailors, armorers, and artisans worked to equip this warrior from head to toe for battle.  They moved about deftly putting one piece of armor on, then another.  Each armorer, artisan, or tailor, specialized in one certain piece.  One attached the breast plate, another the belt, and even another the helmet and then another the shoes.  Each piece fit perfectly and precisely, 'every joint supplied' for the next part to be fitted.   Finally the warrior was outfitted!  From head to toe he shined with the brilliance of every piece 'knitted together in love' from the many hands that had labored.  There he stood formidable and gallant.  Suddenly a Voice came from above, the voice of the Bridegroom, He repeated over and over to those that stood and observed, 'THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON!  THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON!  THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON!'  A hush filled the room as each face revealed his or her surprise and awe.  One piece, one critical part remained undone.  The sword.  

Suddenly and without applause descended from the Heavens a great sword, one that had never been seen or would ever be seen again.  It descended into the hands of the warrior and his fists grasped its handles, perfectly fitting the curves of his hands.  A radiance now flashed like lightning from his hands and arms, then his torso and legs, even his shoes now shone with its brilliant light.  The Lord then declared, "THIS SWORD IS TWO SIDED, ONE EDGE IS FOR THE HARVEST, THE OTHER FOR WAR.  USE IT WELL AND YOU WILL SEE THE GLORY OF YOUR KING! USE IT WISELY AND YOU WILL REAP A HARVEST THAT THE EARTH HAS NEVER SEEN!  USE IT FOOLISHLY AND IT WILL BE TAKEN AND GIVEN TO ANOTHER.  FOR THESE ARE THE DAYS OF HARVEST."  

I then understood what each armorer, artisan and tailor represented.  They were the last days ministries that the Lord had released into the earth to prepare the Bride, the Church for the end time harvest. Each one was given a "skill" or a gift, to equip and perfect the Warrior, preparing him for battle.  But only one thing remained when they were completed with their tasks and work, the SWORD.  This could only be given from above, from the Father.  It was His authority, His judgement, and His glory.  No one could give it or receive it but from His hand, and His hand alone.  It was His great grace to reap a great harvest of souls before His imminent return.  

Each piece of armor that was placed on the warrior's body represented a season of preparation that the Church had went through.  The helmet was a great season of worship and intimacy, it represented and protected the Head which is Christ.  It brought with it a great soundness and purity of praise and adoration.  The helmet created a realm of worship that brought us into the King's chambers.  The Breastplate was apostolic and prophetic truth.  Truth that established the heart and spirit of the warrior, and gave him the wisdom to fight the good fight.  The belt was not only divine Truth, but it represented unity and love amongst the members, "according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the Body for the edifying of itself in love". The shield was the faith to advance and graduate from one level of faith to the next.  It gave the warrior the protection he needed from the fiery darts of envy and strife, so he could move from glory to glory in Christ.  The shoes prepared him for the terrain he would soon have to climb and conquer.  They enabled him to ascend the high places, as well as go into the valleys and depths below.  There was an inscription on each shoe, "FISHER OF MEN."  

The sword then represented HARVEST and WARFARE.  It was two edged and razor sharp.  All the twelve stones of the ephod were inlaid in its handle and grip.  Representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  The steel of the sword shone blue and purple, dancing in its brilliant display of light and color.  On each side of this sword was an inscription as well, it read, "KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS".  This was the sword that was given into the hands of the Warrior.  In His breastplate were written the words, "CHURCH OF THE FIRSTBORN." 

  He wielded the sword with agility and skill, unlike any warrior since or would ever be seen again.  He was the army of Most High God, the army of Lord Sabaoth, Lord of the Armies of Heaven.  And in his hand was the sword of HARVEST and WAR.  To bring in the great harvest and 'to destroy the works of the devil'.  Great authority was now in his hands, and the song he sang was this, "LET THE HIGH PRAISES OF GOD BE IN THEIR MOUTH AND A TWO-EDGED SWORD IN THEIR HAND, TO EXECUTE VENGEANCE ON THE NATIONS, AND PUNISHMENTS ON THE PEOPLES, TO BIND THEIR KINGS WITH CHAINS, AND THEIR NOBLES WITH FETTERS OF IRON; TO EXECUTE THE WRITTEN JUDGEMENT, THIS HONOR HAVE ALL THE SAINTS!"  (Psalm 150:6-9).  

The season of the SWORD is upon us, the season of HARVEST and WAR.  To reap the harvest of souls and 'destroy the works of devil.'  This honor have all the saints.    

Chad Taylor
Lamentations 2:18-19