A 'Salvation Army'

By Chad Taylor


Once again shall My church be a Salvation Army that occupies the city streets! Once again will My glory be revealed in the alley ways and the hedges. This is the place that Gideon will break the clay pots and let My glory shine. In the streets, on the corners, in every place My name shall be declared! Surely I will work with you! Confirming the word with signs following! No longer will the world hear the sound of bells on corners asking alms, but rather roars of My people declaring my power and glory! This is the hour to break the clay posts and let My glory be revealed in YOU!

I say to you O 'Salvation Army', it is time to march! It is time to shine! It is time that every street, every Samaria, every den of thieves and harlotries hear the sound of My people's feet! It surely is the appointed time to set the captives free! For see, I have poured this anointing on thee, to bind up and pull down, to set free, and to bind, to conquer and comfort, to set ablaze the earth and to shine. This is that hour, this is that prophesied by the prophet Joel, this is that time says the Lord.

Every place of business shall witness My glory. Every Athens shall hear the Truth declared, every Samaria will see My people there, they will, 'see and hear the miracles' that are done by My servants. A dispensation is upon you, unto the weak I will give strength, to the poor I will fill your baskets, to the lame and the cripple you shall leap and walk. For this is that which was prophesied in days of old, "Behold, the former things are come to pass, and NEW things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them..." (Isa. 42:9)

Marriages that have faltered will now be restored. My generals will rise with wives and husbands by their side. In this hour two will be better than one. A double portion I declare to you says the Lord. A double portion. My Salvation Army is rising with healing in their hands, they will lay hands on the sick and they shall surely recover. In their hands will be My anointing for the healing of the nations. The deaf will hear, the blind will see, the mute shall speak. Watch and see these things coming to pass in thee. Watch and see...

A Salvation Army

A time of appointing, sending them two by two,
Surely My power will confirm,
The places you go and the things you do,
For I am with you, and I will work with you,
says the Lord.

In this hour 'three hundred' will cause the enemy to flee,
The steps of two or three,
Will again lead captive captivity,
And the lost will be found and the captive set free!
By the works I do through thee!
Watch and see!
Watch and see!

A Salvation Army is marching through this land,
Pulling down strongholds and revealing my divine plan,
Hearing the words of My command,
'STAND! And having done all, STAND!'
And I will reveal My power even through your hands!
Do you understand?
Do you understand?

The lame man will leap,
The blind man will see,
The addict will be free,
The skeptic will believe,
By what I do through thee!
Religion will bow at My feet,
Giving up her captives and setting them free!
Do you believe?
Do you believe?

A Salvation Army will march to this beat,
The sound of eternity.
The prodigal will hear the sound of his destiny.
Jonah will come from the fishes belly,
To declare My word and prophecy!
This is the hour of the 'Uncomely!'

Kings will bow and confess,
The poor and needy will be blessed,
The wind will blow from the North South East and West,
Bringing life to dry bones,
The orphan a family, the widow a home,
Can you feel it blow?
Can you feel it blow?

Prophecy My people Prophecy!
Say to the wind, "LIFE! LIFE"
Say to the sinner, "You don't have to die!"
"Jesus was crucified! "
"He is alive!"
"He is alive!"
"He is alive!"

My army is marching. My army is rising. My army will bring salvation like a flood.

Chad Taylor (7/10/99) email: destiny@televar.com
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