A Global Prophecy

By Chad Taylor


The time is now, the time is now, My Spirit moves upon the face of the deep. The time is now. I am raising up My people, raising them up into position to declare My glory to the earth. A posture of proclamation. A heralding of the end of the age.

My angels are in position. Angels of vengeance held back since creation. Held back until the appointed time, predestined before time began, to consummate all creation and subdue all enemies.

An opening of the heavens is taking place. An open Heaven like the earth has never witnessed. My people shall walk in a direct parallel with the Kingdom, passing from one to the other, even as My Son Jesus did. My Church will be transfigured and the whole earth will be the witness. They shall see the angels ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

They will walk in a place of diverse signs and wonders. Such that have yet to be recorded in the Books. Greater things shall they surely do.

Kingdoms and dominions shall topple with a single word uttered from their lips. Words of great Kingdom power shall they speak with Heaven’s authority and glory. Even as My Son spoke, making hell tremble and convulse.

Hell will convulse and vomit. Vomiting up millions that were already swallowed up in it’s darkness. My glorious Light will literally pierce through the belly of Sheol. Death and the grave shall give up it’s spoil says the Lord.

The very footsteps of My people will cause the stones of Golgotha to shift, and the throne of Satan shall topple in the great and terrible day of the Lord.

The very Earth will convulse and buckle under the strain and weight of My glory. Earthquakes will take place purely because of the manifestations of My power in My people and the words they speak. I will shake the very foundations of the earth says the Lord.

The seas will be troubled and tumultuous. They will overcome their boundaries and swell sending great fear in the hearts of the world. But My people shall find shelter on high ground in My Spirit. They shall find solid ground says the Lord.

Many cities once inhabited shall be left desolate, as plagues of death consume them. Whole cities shall be quarantined, shut off from the rest of the earth. My people will walk into these death camps in healing power unscathed and unharmed. The whole world will be in awe and amazed, turning many to salvation and healing.

Governments will be changed and removed literally overnight. Overwhelming transition in political hierarchy. The Will of God will cause rapid change even in seconds and minutes to fulfill His perfect Will.

Windows of opportunity to preach the Word in completely closed off areas of the world will suddenly open, to be shut as quickly. Allowing those sent to enter, some to never leave that area again. They will experience My glory and power in such a peculiar way, the rest of the world and My Church shall be amazed and confounded.

Terrible plagues will sweep the earth crossing latitude and longitudinal lines in hours, destroying hundreds of thousands. Yet My people shall be untouched by this. It shall be in the front page of every major newspaper in the world declaring the awesome immunity of My people.

The little children that can barely speak will suddenly utter foreign languages, proclaiming the wonders of Heaven. All who hear will utterly be dumbfounded and saved. Absolute wonders will I demonstrate that the world will be without excuse says the Lord.

America shall be shaken to it’s very foundations. Economically, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Many of the largest and most prosperous corporations will wither in a moment of time. Even in a twinkle of an eye. The corporate world will be humbled to it’s very soul. It is I, says the Lord that do these things. It is I that am declaring My glory in the earth once again.

The church system shall completely be transformed. As night is to day says the Lord, so shall the church be transformed. What you see today will be unrecognizable compared to what will be tomorrow.

Entire cities will become arenas of My glory. Whole cities will be saved and converted. Metropolitan areas will become healing centers, food distribution outlets, and gathering places of the saved. Cities will be swept up into My glory and majesty. Cities will be known for sin or for righteousness. One or the other. There will be no lukewarm in the coming glory says the Lord.

Knowledge shall increase a hundred fold even overnight, as the minds of men pursue perfection, but are left insane and lost. Insanity will be one of the largest epidemics on the planet. As the minds of men are consumed by the darkness, hospitals and institutions will be unable to cope with the numbers of the insane and lunatic.

But in the midst of this darkness, My people shall increase in love and power. Demonstrating My healing and deliverance. Emptying entire hospitals in a day. Cured by the laying on of hands and prayer.

Prayer will be the most formidable weapon in the universe. To commune with the Almighty God. Translations from nation to nation, heaven to earth, earth to heaven will be as common as breathing. The glory of God shall be revealed without measure.

My people shall converse with the host of heaven as one would converse with a neighbor.

BUT ABOVE ALL, yes, ABOVE ALL, My people shall truly love one another. Fulfilling the law of Christ. They will once again have all things in common, and none shall be in want or be in need.

They will be one flesh, one mind, baptized into one Spirit, with one common objective; to proclaim the coming of Yeshua the Christ.

These are the days of reckoning, as well as blessing. Judgment as well as reward.

It is the hour of the prophet/shepherd that will pastor My flock, and lead them to the river of living water.

It is the hour of the prophet/teacher who will tend the flock, teaching them My heart and mind.

It is the hour of the restoration of all things says the Lord.

Taking the streets to the churches
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor


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