You are My roar!

(Prophecy spoken by Chad Taylor sometime in July 1998 at K-Valley Christian Center, Ellensburg, Washington during Prophetic Evangelism training conference.)

I tell you in this hour, no longer will I be labeled, "defeated." No longer shall My people be labeled, "defeated." No longer shall My people be put to shame. But in this hour I am rising up in My people as the Lion of Judah. My people shall not flee when there is nothing that pursues them. But they shall be as bold as a lion! YOU ARE THE LION SAYS THE LORD!

YOU ARE MY ROAR! And you are My voice in this land! (Proverbs 18:1)

And let it be known today that I am defending My people, let it be known today that I am fighting against their enemies! Anything that is touching them, is touching Me, is offending Me, says the Lord. I am fighting for My people. (Romans 12:19)

I am rising up, I am rising up in My people, to be bold as a lion! It's not emotionalism! It's not hype! It is My Spirit declaring war on the enemy! Jericho must of thought it was hype when they made that sound and they blew that trumpet! But I say to you they did not think it was hype when those walls fell flat! It was not hype, it was the power of My Spirit! (Zechariah 4:6)

I say to you in this hour, I am rising up. They might laugh now, but I will tell you who will laugh last! For it is Me that will laugh at My enemies says the Lord! Doubt it not, in this year (1998) I am preparing you, and the things that have hindered you, the sin that so easily beset you, is being removed says the Lord! (Psalm 37:12&13)

Even this winter (1998) I will begin to rise up within you like I never have before, and My glory shall be declared in your midst. In the spring (1999) I will begin to send you into the world, into the cities. Even though you will go out now, and you will do this or that, but I say to you in this hour, I am raising you up and preparing you for a greater work, yes, you have done My works, but I declare to you there is still a greater to be done in the earth. (Joel 3:16)

And you shall be witnesses to this greater glory, you shall be eyewitnesses even as the Apostles then were eyewitnesses of that glory. Even as they were eyewitnesses and even handled the Son of God, you shall be eyewitnesses of My greater glory and you shall even handle Me says the Lord! Even you that are skeptics and doubt in the land, I will come to you in the night seasons and I will say, "Touch my hands! Thrust your hand in My side! And believe and be not doubting!" (Luke 22:28-30)

I am rising says the Lord! I am rising with vengeance in My heart! And though it might seem like just a sound, they will see says the Lord, they will see that what I say is true. They will see that My word is true, they will see that I am not a liar. That I am the Truth and I am coming back for a Bride without spot or wrinkle. (Isaiah 60:1!)

It's courting time says the Lord. It's courting time! I am standing outside your window and I am singing you a song! I am wooing you, I am calling you into an intimate place with Me. I will not stop you from going in sooner, by your hunger and desire so shall it be. (Matthew 5:6)

Even as I asked the blind man, "What do you want Me to do?" He said, " I want to see!" I will not hold you back! For I have given you permission to come into the holy of holies! But I say to you that in the beginning of 1999 I will call you in, I will call you in, right now I am courting you, but then (1999) I will come up and I will bring you from the window, and you will walk with Me! And we will go into places that you have never imagined that we could go! (1st Corinthians 2:9)

It's in this year that I am preparing you, I have gathered you at the Jordan, it is about time to cross over! Then my double portion, my quadruple portion! My immeasurable portion shall fall upon you, and you will go forth into My promised land, and you will begin to possess, and you will begin to take back, and you will begin to put My seal upon every where you walk. (Joshua 1:3&13)

I say to you in this hour, it shall be done, it shall be done, even the carnal mind winces from this word, but it shall be done. For what is impossible with you is possible through My Holy Spirit. This day is just the beginning, this day is just the beginning to what I desire to do in your life, this is just the beginning of what I desire and will do in the earth...

Taking the streets to the church
and compelling them to go out...

Chad Taylor (7/98)

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